Wednesday, 29 October 2008


So the week is half over already; tomorrow is my third counselling session and after that drinks with friends. I must, in advance of the counselling, complete a feedback form and a chart of my sexual behaviour. Somewhat counter-productively in my view it makes me want nothing so much as to rush off and have lots of sex just so the chart will be interesting. Unfortunately the only thing it will record is my time with International.

He came on Monday as arranged – I met him off the Eurostar and we travelled across London together though managed to behave until we got back to my apartment. Once there, naturally, my clothes fell off almost immediately and although we had only about 12 hours together my chart is in fact quite a full one.

Of course that meant neither of us had much sleep; and on Tuesday I went out with a friend for drinks after a long day and with no dinner so ended up getting quite tipsy. I hope I wasn’t a dreadful bore!! We went to a gay bar called The Stag in Victoria, which I know purely because a date took me there once and, well, it was a very good night! Those were the days – if only I’d had to fill in my chart then, eh?

Well, those days may not be quite over yet…

Tonight I had a date; my first for weeks and weeks. It was perfectly pleasant evening at the Oval Lounge in Oval itself; a couple of drinks and a light meal. Inconsequential chatter. He was nice enough – and quite good looking too. And Irish, which gets me every time. But there was no *click* and in any event he strongly reminded me of Mark which, while not a deal breaker, made me a bit warier than I otherwise would have been. So not much chance of a date two really.

After I got home on Tuesday I became quite upset as International has gone for the time being and I am (relationship-wise) ever yet of barren stock; indeed, there is no plan as yet to see him again and my messages to him have as yet gone un-replied to. This gives me angst! But Monday did reinforce my insight that really International is not going to leave Ouch for me and really I don’t expect – or particularly want - that.

Well, where does that whirlwind leave me? Time is marching on. And one of the things I have noticed is I tend to have more sex when dating then when in a relationship – another thing that blasted chart brings home to me. So – get your judging wiffles ready gentle reader – I have in fact arranged, via the Frumpella’s friend t’internet, an assignation or two for the weekend. And I am looking to arrange more. After all, I can’t hold back the years but I can make them go with a bang!

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