Tuesday, 21 October 2008


Bar the mild overlap with Academic, and the occasional pre-planned date at around that time, I haven’t dated or… well, anything anyone else since International came onto the scene. I have, in truth, briefly flirted with some people – there was quite a clutch of young fellas a short while ago – but it all came to naught. And again, very recently I’ve been chatting to a guy on gaydar who turns out to be a very near neighbour – which for him seems to have ruled out fuzunjulation for some reason – and another guy of ‘Squirt’ who has simply disappeared (incidentally that does seem to happen more often on Squirt I’ve found than gaydar, detracting somewhat from the wider range of behaviours you can indulge there). Of course I’m not really looking, being consumed with International and far too busy with work.

Nevertheless I was somewhat pleasantly surprised when over the last week or so three ‘old flames’ – well, not old flames; old dates mostly - got in touch. Yes, T, R and even A (my very first date after Darren) have been in touch.

I thought it was quite sweet; naturally none of them is going “I’ve thought of nothing but you since that night we had a drink/kissed/the other thing” but it was good to hear from them even so. I shall always be particularly fond of T for various reasons and of the three if he wanted to meet up again then I’d be sorely tempted.

As it happens I’ve made up a little bijou rule-ette about this – as soon as it becomes clear that International and I are really just ‘having fun’ or exist in the of broadest terms like that, then I really will be out there again: but for the moment I am disinclined to do that. And that [he shrugs] is just how I feel.

As for International, we shall be seeing each other on Thursday just so I can see him; and if all goes well he shall be spending Monday night with me, hurrah! He’s out of the country between the two events so it fits well with his schedule which is something… I suppose. So this weekend I shall be cleaning and baking and just generally going for the 1950s-Housewife of the Year Award – and I may take at least a half day off work which may be no bad thing right now.

Saturday I am out with a friend and former colleague. I’ve been invited to something called “second bite of the cherry” which essentially is Eurovision but with each country’s runner up song rather than their actual entry. Sounds super smashing, and will run till long after the clocks go back - a good night out like that will be very, very welcome.

This moment, of course, a good night’s sleep will be very, very welcome so till next time; God Bless gentle reader. And to celebrate the world of work...

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