Monday, 6 October 2008

The Rain in Spain

I’m back from Spain gentle reader. The plane landed at 3:00 this morning so I am back, and I am very tired.

Everything about this long weekend was simply wonderful. Not a thought to the real world, beyond the confines of that little villa and its views of the sea. Just long days and nights of romance and passion; from swimming together in the clear blue seas of the Mediterranean to making love in the mountains above it, it was an idyll that ended too soon. The weather was perfect, the scenery stunning; sun filled blue skies and warm fragrant moonlit nights alive with crickets and cicadas. We explored ruined castles and tiny villages and I even overcame my shyness to join International on the gay nudist beach! We hired a little yellow car and drove around the empty roads to different places for lunch every day; all through Andalusia and Granada – though breakfast and dinner were always back at the villa ;-) I’ve spent every penny I had.

It was, in short, pretty much perfect - though International’s enthusiasm has caused some inconvenient injuries; and in fact he tried something I’d never done before and I rather wish he had asked permission in the first instance.

Nevertheless I forgive him utterly. It’s been such a long time since I was seriously romanced and I miss it already. And I miss International. He is one of the most beautiful men I’ve ever met and his body is gorgeous – watching him wander around the villa with nothing but a glass of wine or a cup of coffee was like watching an advert for wine or coffee. One that couldn’t be shown until the very late evening. How he could have tolerated the Hogzilla frumporama for so long eludes me.

So as you will understand, I am very sad to be back today, and in fact have been pretty tearful all of the day. Not being with him now is something I find painful. Of course during our time together we Talked, and - as I had always known - there is no prospect of coming between International and Ouch (which is a good thing) and that we may not in fact see each other again after this brief romance. And if we do it is likely to be just as friends. We may even ends up running together as was the original plan before horizontal jogging became our sport.

I went into this with my eyes as wide open as could make them – I only have myself to blame if the downside has a downside – so no maudlin posts from me. Though tonight for me I think
a quiet night in with some DVD’s, a duvet and some white wine. And if anyone’s around a hug is always welcome.

This song I heard for the first time in Spain... it captures my mood perfectly

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