Monday, 27 October 2008


I recently re-read Alison Weir’s fine biography of Henry VIII’s six wives. And while reading a parallel struck me. Of course I’m flattering myself somewhat but I think you will understand when I imagine International as Henry, Ouch as Katherine of Aragon, and myself as Anne Boleyn.

Katherine, the much loved and faithful wife, was put away by Henry when the vivacious and ambitious Anne appeared, reinvigorating his passion. But when Anne became the queen what had attracted Henry to a lover repulsed him in a wife. Anne became increasingly unpopular and isolated and in the end she was beheaded. Katherine died alone and heartbroken. Henry went on to find some measure of happiness with another (and another and another and another but that’s not for here).

The lessons of history are instructive indeed.

A year ago I went to Milan for my cousin’s wedding. There and then I had not come out to anyone in my family and many of them still do not know that I’m gay. It’s not a secret, any more of course; I just am not that close to them. However my cousin has now made contact with me through Facebook, and my profile plainly states that I am a burgher of Strumpetville, capital of Fairyland. So the time has come to explain to her that Frumpella likes the boys. In and of itself that is fine, though my cousin is a fairly conservative catholic. The only downside is that she’ll probably tell her parents – whose opinions I could care less about as I dislike them. But they are quite close to my mother and I don’t want to complicate things for her. Still I can’t change my family any more than I can change the fact I am Family. What will be will be, I suppose.

I have also come out to a very old friend of mine, Richard, who I’ve known for about 10 years but lost touch with when he moved to Sydney a while ago. Facebook again brought us together but what’s interesting about him is that he is gay and ironically I helped him when he was coming out to his family. Also I briefly dated one of his sisters. So this is a bit awkward for me too.

Nevertheless on both counts I am glad it is done.

Tonight of course is the big night – International will be mine, all mine for a night. Of course I’ve scrubbed and
cleaned and filled the apartment with food and wine… Tuesday I’m meeting a friend for a drink. Wednesday is my date-ette. Thursday my third counselling session and then meeting yet more friends for yet more drinks. And Hallowe’en? My quiet night in for this week I think. Unless I get invited to a party of course *ahem*...


Monty said...

It's a very good book actually! And I certainly don't want you to get to the fate of Anne Boleyn!!! Enjoy your night with His Majesty! ;-)

czechOUT said...

I prefer to stay in and be chilled to the core.

None of the current trend of gore will do that. Give me The Innocents (original) or the Woman in Black.

I need to be frightened (so long as it's not frightened by unemployment).

Exorcise the Devil!