Sunday, 12 October 2008


I have made a decision, gentle reader: I’m going to get over myself.

I introduced a friend of mine to my blog yesterday and that gave me an opportunity to re-read my own first posts from March this year. It was a bit embarrassing really, to see the parallels between here and now. And I don’t want this to be the blog of history repeating!

I care for International very deeply. I’ve become infatuated. I do that! I don’t know how deeply he feels for me though, so I need to be careful; when we do break up it will be quite tough. So I think I should be open to other people coming along. International was, I know, very unhappy about ‘sharing’ me with Academic; but I think that attitude unfair with Ouch on the scene.

By co-incidence today I’ve been chatting to a guy called Lee. Lee lives in Grimsby, which is far-far away, but we got on really well so I think we will definitely meet up at some point soon when he is able to come down to London. Being that he is a 28 year old fitness instructor, yes I think we really definitely will!

Also I was asked out by a student nurse of my acquaintance – he’s only 23 bless him, and insists, infuriatingly, on communicating solely in text speak - but if he wants to go for a drink with me then, well, why not?

Don’t get me wrong: I’m not about to jump into bed with any of them (then again I never intend to, do I ?) but I think it would not be good to close all the doors purely because of this situation with International.

Call them my lifeline. ‘In case of emergency’ dates. Insurance.

In other news Nick and I went to a rather fine wine tasting evening tonight which helped take the edge off. Being still poorly I wasn’t in the mood to get up to much with him but I had a good time and quite a shopping list too! Nick’s a sweetie.

This weekend I also tried to console a friend whose been close to me for more than half my life and whose nine year relationship is going through a really rough time just when they were ready to jet around the world. I’m very worried; and quite angry with my friend’s partner. Not sure how much help I am; the lesson it has illustrated for me is I never really go through anything that bad. I just need to… get over myself!

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Soul Seared Dreamer said...

Wow you're quite the honey jar.. attracting all the bees & all.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That's gotta be harsh. I hope they can sort out the issues.