Tuesday, 7 October 2008

In praise of... Mike

I’ll let you in on a little secret... I’ve fallen for International. Quite badly. Of course that doesn’t change anything; it was an affair, a fling, a holiday romance. But that in turn means I will feel a bit bruised emotionally for the time being… which, though sad, is to be expected. Anyway, there’s Rule 6 to consider: Give your heart to whom you will, but do so with your eyes open. I knew what I was doing/getting into… and I am content to suffer the consequences of my actions.

Nevertheless I feel a bit better today. My work-life is incredibly busy at the moment (much remains to be done before we are ready to announce our abject failure) and though I have no dates lined up at all, my social calendar is full too. I could use the distraction; I’m trying to be Frumpella the Cheerful Fairy and keep smiling.

The truth remains that I would prefer not to harm International and Ouch’s relationship however much that hurts me, and it occurred to me that it might be better just to stop now rather than keep my heartache going – I want to see him again, and God knows I want him to hold me again, but the more I see International the more I’ll feel like this. I don’t really know if we can be friends.

So I need to move on. A small number of votes on my little poll have come in; please vote – every little helps! I need to move on and find a new direction. Your assistance is much appreciated.

A few things recently (not least some turbulent priest calling for homosexuals to be tattooed and Pride marches to be banned) reminded me of how proud I am to have come out, and how much – good times and bad – I have to be thankful for.

I’m not the world’s nicest person – my sister and I joke that I got the brains and she got the heart – but alongside my IQ of 177 (honest) and an ass that won’t quit (or wouldn’t until International broke my coccyx) I really have become a much more extroverted and positive person; I have great friends and though the stock market is failing out of its own arse I’m reasonably secure - and healthy. Plus, of course, there’s my rippling gorgeousness! When going through my Malaga photos I came across some pre-diet pictures of myself and the difference between then and now [13 kg/27 lbs] is a sight to see – though much work remains to be done there too, I’m tempted to post them here just to show off. Hogzilla no more, gentle reader.

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Monty said...

We want pics!!! PLEASE!!!

And yes, agree, I think you need to move on - as much as it hurts, it'll only hurt more if you prolong it. Big hug!