Tuesday, 14 October 2008


The results of my little poll are in and muches smooches to everyone who voted!

Half of you think I should just get back out there, and do you know, I think I’m inclined to agree?

It would seem that at the moment I’m quite popular. Unaccountably so. Perhaps rumours of my rippling gorgeousness have gotten around? Well, perhaps not.

The adjective ‘popular’ has been most risible when applied to my sex-life in the past. Yet at the moment it seems I am Gayer of the Month. Six, count ‘em gentle reader, six fine young fellas have started flirting with me on out. This includes the fitness instructor and the student nurse. Of the others one that interests me greatly is a gregarious environmental lawyer. Here’s hoping!

The thing that is of interest in this case is that five of the six are in their 20s. Indeed, they range from 20 to 28 with the mode being about 23.

Now, using the formula set out before from out (half your age plus eight) my age range would be 23 to 46; but as we know we kissed that goodbye some time ago. So I suppose that works out (the ones younger than 23 I discounted anyway). But I am still unsure where this renewed interest in Frumpella came from.

Yet I’m so busy with work at the moment; never before have I needed to consider forgoing a bit of man flesh because of work. The Horror!! I never want to be that grown up!!!

Speaking of which, I saw International today and there were muches smooches indeed. Not much occurred because even in Vauxhall some things are frowned upon. I did half suggest we go to the local Chariots and generally expressed my keenness for some trouser friendly kisses but no; smooches only! Nevertheless, he is going to spend Friday night with me and that will be mighty fine…

Yes, we still need to work out how this affair is going to work. I am unhappy abut the whopping great Untruth that will have to be told to Ouch to make Friday work (the pretence of a course lasting three days rather than two). International pretends that this is his problem alone but it is not; so in the absence of trouser friendly kisses we must have Truth.

International and Ouch are In Love. And for my part I hardly, to put it crassly, intend to create a vacancy for myself. International I think would prefer that we delve not too deeply into this issue. As is evidenced from my push me-pull you posts I haven’t really though things through properly though at least I have some mental ground rules. But I can at least be as much a friend to International as a lover so I don’t mind talking about his relationship and the pressures on it (not least from me) etc. This, in International’s view, makes me “too nice”.

Ever was he a good girl – yet practised at being no lady… what will happen next?

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