Friday, 31 October 2008

Big scary ghoulies

Hallowe’en and it’s the one night of the week I’m staying in. I probably need the rest – my liver certainly does. I’ve been right off the booze as part of my diet and in any event work’s been too busy to let myself get drunk so my tolerance is slipping. Yet Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday all on the sauce. Well, I’m not going to sacrifice my gorgeous ripplingness for a beer belly again!

Speaking of gorgeousness, I am while writing this online cruising – gaydar and squirt – and hopefully things this weekend will be a bit more exciting than my current plan which is staying in and writing my Opus Dei on mental health services.

As for work, though only at my new office for two months I have spied what may be my next career move – with the World Health Organisation, working in London and (occassionally) Geneva. I speak excellent German and give good French; what could be more ideal?

Anyway, I now have a couple of guys on the boil so let us keep our fingers crossed! It’s been six weeks since I haunted these chat-rooms last and I feel out of practice. Largely due to the frenetic activity I engaged in previously. Ho hum. Perhaps it’s like riding a bike… Strumpetville remains a friendly town.

I had counselling session number three yesterday. I wasn’t really in the mood – a long day, a short lunch and friends later – but we explored my childhood and my career in great depth and my counsellor took lots of notes to review – so who knows what he will come up with next week. He really does persist in the belief I find it challenging to practise safe sex which is irksome (and inaccurate) to say the least. I hope I am able to persuade him of my good behaviour!

In a further effort to be good, at least to myself, I have concluded that it is probably time to wind things up with International. There were only three ways it was going to happen; either I do it, which will be tough, he slowly drifts away, which will be really tough, or he dumps me, which would destroy me. So the lesser of three evils then – and hence the first step of going back onto the market. I’m not yet convinced my full allotment of wild oats has been sown though I’m not quite ready to resume the search for Mr Right quite yet. My friends last night approved of my decision; I hope you do too gentle reader. It will leave me feeling a bit sad. I hope I stick to my guns! And in time dating, boyfriends, and (I hope) love.

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