Sunday, 26 October 2008


International and I met on Thursday; just to see each other really – nothing physical was going to happen (bar the usual smooches), but it was good to meet again.

It was a wonderful evening – we spent much of it in each other’s arms – and we covered a lot of ground. He talked at length about how much I mean to him and how special he thinks our relationship is. He gave me the CD we had played in Spain. We talked about Darren and coming out and I even told him about this blog – though he is forbidden to read it.

It feels good to be able to be so honest and open about things with International. The only exception really is the occasional date I had when International and I were starting out –and that’s purely because I know he doesn’t like it. The big omission so far is his existing relationship with Ouch and what International and I are going to be in the future.

I remain, of course, thoroughly enamoured and his description of how he feels for me… well, it didn’t hurt. I am eager to express to him how I feel too, and perhaps soon I will; I hold back because… well, the boyfriend. Also International is applying for jobs in Amsterdam and Paris and I’m watchfully waiting to see where I fit in with these plans. Would I go with him if he asked me to? Seriously, I might.

Last night I went with one of my best friends to “Second Bite of the Cherry”, which was Eurovision, but with each country’s runner up entry (how Ireland ended up with that turkey I can never know – check out the Republic’s runner up). Of course I used the time afforded by the clocks going back by getting quite tipsy, and crowned the evening by setting my apartment on fire at 4am while cooking. But overall a good night even if the smoke damage will take a while to undo!

My friend (who is clearly a bad influence) encouraged me to go back out dating other people – portfolio dating it was described as, and indeed we came up with brand new Rule 8: have no more lovers than you can count on the fingers of one hand. I, coincidentally, have tentatively set up a ‘date’ with a guy for Wednesday. To be honest I’m not really sure I should and in truth my heart isn’t in it, but he asked me so why not? Still open to meeting new friends after all… though that is what International was supposed to be and look at me now, gentle reader! Dissonance is my handmaid.


Monty said...

Ooops, I broke Rule 8 when I was single, footloose and fancy week, I had 9 dates!!! Eeek! But lots of fun (though a tad exhausting by the end).

Mike said...

Oh I say. Monty, you've always been the yardstick, the standard setter I measure myself against. Clearly I shall have to try harder...