Friday, 1 August 2008

Rule 2

I had a Date 3 last night and ended up plumping squarely for Rule 2. We will recall that Rule 1 is ‘no sex on a first date’; Rule 2 is ‘terms and conditions apply to Rule 1’.

Date 2, Wednesday’s fella, was very nice and outgoing but wasn’t really my type and actually did nothing but talk and talk and talk about anything and everything all the time we were together. He seems like someone who would be fun to know as a friend, but no more.

Thursday’s panting love slave, however, was a guy I met via the Guardian Soulmates dating service, and we met at 5pm at Das Boot. Unfortunately I had been in an all day meeting writing by committee one of my occasional reports, and therefore was not at my best in any event – compounded by the fact that I got caught in the rain walking down to meet my date - so when he did arrive I was pretty sure he would not enjoy the sight that was to greet him. Yet he managed to control himself long enough to get a drink and try to get to know me, and sure enough one drink became two… three… four and unaccountably our inhibitions simply melted away.

After muches-smooches on the poop deck we decided to head into Vauxhall and find a more ‘friendly’ venue. What I particularly enjoyed was how unafraid he was to kiss me in public, hold my hand as we walked down the road and generally make public displays of affection which I so enjoy but have found rarely forthcoming in others.

And in the club we went to there was more of the same until, though we had earlier promised each other quite sincerely there was to be no putting out that night, we got a taxi back to his and, after having put on quite a show for the driver, jumped into bed.

And there was much rejoicing.

Another thing I really liked was the long snugly morning in bed where we lay in each other’s arms and cuddled and kissed and snoozed until it was time for me to go to work. Not standard one-night-stand/casual assignation behaviour...

Of course I’d love to see him again, and to that end we have made tentative plans to see each other on Sunday. I’m ‘wise’ enough now to realise that in the cold, harsh, sober light of day he may decide otherwise – but in the meantime I’m endearingly well rodgered and in a very good mood indeed.

Date 4 tomorrow. What will happen with him?


peter said...

Congrats, what was rule 3 again?

czechOUT said...

ps where did you get the blog roll preview/update tool. I really like it and wouldn't mind using it.


Mike said...

Hi all: The blog preview tool is one of the new-ish standard page elements