Friday, 15 August 2008

The Oi Oi and I

I’m feeling slightly under the weather today as last night I had a few drinks on Das Boot with soon to be erstwhile colleagues, and ended up staying out rather later than I thought and getting a bit boozed up on beer. Consequently one of the things I did last night (well, early this morning if we’re to be technical) was send Gareth a text – nothing salacious, but saying in a syntactically uninhibited manner that I do him miss. Apparently my inebriated state amused him hugely, though I should think repeat performances shall become tiresome somewhat speedily. It is fortunate, then, that he is going away this weekend for yet another wedding so I can go out and get mashed tomorrow at a neighbour’s birthday party on the much-frequented South Bank. I’ve invited the friend who counselled me previously to come along – partly because he’s suddenly hit a rough patch with his fella and I am worried he’s retreating into his shell a little.

Due to all my texts and emails to Gareth I have resolved to give the poor guy a couple of days from my cloying attentions. Hopefully his heart will be all the more fond of me for the absence. Gosh, I like him ever so – I found myself walking home today and I remembered either he or Nick had said I have a nice smile (I don’t think I do due to a rather cruel young man when I was a teenager telling me my smile was ugly. Scarred for life, I was gentle reader!) And, as I couldn’t remember exactly which one flattered me that way, I found myself hoping it was Gareth. And I realised that I would never be able to keep more than one guy on the go if I was thinking that way! For someone who’s never been in love I surely get infatuated very easily. Ho-hum – I accept that about myself now. But with Gareth it is true I am tied to the stake at the thought of him much more than I have been with others.

I rang my mother to thank her for her birthday gift (of gardening books) and it turned out my uncle was visiting with, his children – two boys with fantastic names; Jan-Henning and Zönke – and it seems my other cousin had also been visiting with her new husband and only slightly newer baby – and my mother is then off to visit her parents (my wonderful grandparents who, to my delight, can drink me under the table and flatly refuse to 'check out') and… I felt a bit lonely when hearing all the news, across the sea and far away. Still am not complaining; I’ve been out so much recently my liver has drafted its own emancipation declaration.

New job, new man, the next delivery from my wine club, and my roses are coming up... roses. It’s all too good to be true. Where will Lady Luck put her fickle finger next?

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czechOUT said...

I think I may have had the same delivery. It is the seasonal thing from the wine club? I was interested in the 2005 Bordeaux (Ragottes/Fagottes or similar), but to be honest it usually goes down the same way.