Thursday, 21 August 2008


I’ve suddenly realised what the problem was! I feel unattractive and uncertain. Last Saturday put me in a bad mood because I dented my already fragile self image. My slutty phase is coming to an end and I have nothing to replace it with 'except' Gareth, who is more than adequate, but it feels a bit all-eggs-in-one-basket. Still, I never did have my month off (or man detox as my friend rather more succinctly puts it); that’s life though. I plan to take August off and on 31 July I meet a gorgeous guy!

Also, I realise I haven’t been very busy lately, and being busy is important to me. Usually the combination of a frump-attack and spare time on my hands means I look for assignations but this time I am staring at (to paraphrase the late Douglas Adams) The Long Dark Bank Holiday of the Soul. I wish I was spending it with Gareth... but no, Mr Man has to have a life...

Well then: here’s the plan; sort out the balcony (my sunflowers are finally coming up but I’m overrun with gladioli); treat myself to The Dark Knight at the cinema; get up to speed with the new job; drum up some new business clients; and finally, catch up with old friends. And, possibly, with new ones – I’ve been invited to Oxford for a day trip on Friday next.

Plus of course I have planned out next Wednesday's date with Gareth with meticulous precision – and there’ll be more about that later!

So a nice week off with lots of ‘me’ time, and things to enjoy.

I went into my new workplace yesterday afternoon, and let’s just say I can see why they asked me to come in early. It sounds like a tough project for various reasons but they picked me to do it so I guess I have that je ne sais pas ce qui. Enough to get the systems so that in place that eight million people can all get state financed medical treatment on the basis of need regardless of what hospital or doctor they go to, or what is wrong with them, within 18 weeks of referral, and that it is of a quality they are satisfied with – and to do all this by November. Not all by myself of course - there'll be six of us! Daunting – I may not have time for lurvin’! Still – I do like to be busy [be careful what you wish for].

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czechOUT said...

But isn't limiting yourself to only one a detox of sorts anyway? When you diet-detox, you've still got to have something to nibble at.

Bon apetit.