Sunday, 3 August 2008


Saturday night was yet another date night – Date 4 to be precise. We met for a drink at the International, then had a bight to eat at Kulu Kulu (introduced to me by a neighbour who coincidentally is the only woman to have seen my gaydar profile) and then went onto the Revolution Bar just of Leicester Square. Last time I went there I was rudely awoken the next day by a rather panic stricken call from my credit card company that somewhat hysterically demanded to know if I really had spent £XXX on libations. As in all honesty I couldn’t recall we could only presume that I had.

Well, what can I say – Date 4 was just double-plus eye candy; as soon as we met at St Martin’s I thought ‘phwooar’. Sadly though my come-hither signals did not get much of a response – but no matter; you win some, you lose some! He is a nice enough chap and as we met through OUT we will no doubt keep in touch in some way. As it was Brighton Pride that day Soho was eerily deserted; and almost everyone there was straight. It was a bit weird. Like a breeder’s Danse Macabre.

Speaking of keeping in touch an old date of mine from what now seems like the dawn of time – ‘M’ – messaged me out of the blue, which was rather a nice surprise. I remember him mainly because he gave me a CD he made of great songs – a nice blend of Kylie, ABBA, Patsy Gallant and others. He was really just saying hello but it was good to hear from him and I replied so who knows? A new old friend? I hope so.

Best of all, though, Sunday was a second date with Date 3 (Gareth to you and me); and he and I went to the
Tokyo Diner, just off Charing Cross Road, for lunch. Japanese food two days in a row; a symptom of the great fondness I have developed for Gareth in a short time! Afterward we went for a coffee and held hands (I love the fact he likes to hold my hand everywhere) and talked about what would happen next. We had a very open discussion during which we set out our (broadly similar) sexual, relationship and chemical histories. It seems we really like each other and having failed to put each other off we’ve decided to keep dating for a while to get to know each other better.

But here’s the thing, gentle reader – no sex. Not for a little while yet I’m afraid. Gareth wants to be chaste and proper and essentially avoid sex getting in the way. Does it make sense? Yes. Is yours truly happy with it? No!! But then we’re not saying never; just 'in its own time'. Which we’d be doing anyway I suppose without Thursday’s shenanigans. Plus he’s going to Ireland for a week but has promised to keep in touch while he’s away.

I did toy briefly with the idea of seeing other guys for the purposes of… but, that clearly is outside the spirit of our pact so there you have it. I still have a couple of dates arranged from
before I met Mr Propriety that I intend to keep, but for the moment it seems like Gareth is a keeper. Coo!

Memo to self: buy porn


Monty said...

Wahooo! You've found a keeper! Well done you! Keep us posted and good luck with the porn! :-)

J said...

ahh i love it! the joys of dating politics... sounds like it might be the start of something special (and porn will help to fill the void) ;)