Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Good girl

I’m a good girl I am. Yes I AM. Don’t look at me like that … the judgement shines from your eyes…

Tonight I had a few drinks with a medico-legal adviser from another NHS body that (as per it seems these days!) I met through OUT. We went to the Royal Festival Hall and ended up in the midst of a crowd going to see Wizard of Oz: The Musical, which was a bit of an eye opener. My: us gayers like a show though! But anyway, my drinks date was pleasant enough; a nice man in his early forties who has done well enough to enjoy a fine view from the Barbican. He’s one of twins which, if I may share a secret gentle reader, is something of interest… but not for here (…yet? I can hear friends going ‘Ew’ even now!). We had a good laugh and went our separate ways reasonably early; but I think we will meet again if only as friends as we share a strong interest in classical music and he’s got some great stories of the 80s scene!!

To my surprise and delight Gareth called me and, after excusing myself and heading off to the merchandise stall, we talked at some length – so much so I blundered into enough merchandise at the shop that I was in fact not a Friend of Dorothy tonight. We talked about various things, but mostly us and that, and although we aren’t able to see each other this week/end we will it seems meet again next and have dinner… play scrabble… well, pass the time somehow!

It does in some small way seem to me, gentle reader, that I may have made the Right Decision – it may be argued quite plausibly I have done so for the first time in my life. As for Nick it seems he cuts quite the swath through the local population and certainly my attempts at communication appear to have met with a post-facto disinterest that might, overall, just be the best thing for everyone. Bless ’im!

Secretly I do believe Gareth will finish with me quite soon but I don’t seem to have the angst aspect that was so present during my last, disastrous, attempt to scale the north face of Mr Right; when he says we’ll go out or do such and such I trust him, and trust we’ll see what happens; yes/no?

So anyway a brief, bijou postette to keep you dans le loop as it were!


czechOUT said...


i hadn't realised you's passed comments by email. Only just discovered, so I replied.

Gosh, you must have thought me rude...


J said...

first off, the twins thing sounds interesting...let's explore that ;)

and fantastic music video!