Monday, 25 August 2008


On Sunday I was reading Postsecret, which is one of the most beautiful sites on the internet – and which regularly brings me to tears; I urge you to visit it. And it occurred to me, seeing all these people publish their darkest secrets, that when I start my new job it will be the first totally new situation/environment I’ve experienced as an out gay man. Because so many of my former colleagues are also my friends I’ve had an incredible crutch to support me both in and out to help me shake it all about. And now… that’s gone. They’re still my friends, of course, but this time my little boat is making its voyage all alone and I don’t know what storms and monsters it will face. Well, I still have to captain my boat well and I’m sure I’ll steer a course somehow.

Enough metaphor! Back to whimsy and caprice. I’ve been considering starting going swimming again, and maybe *gasp* going to the gym – my weight loss programme has plateaud at 80kg, which was my primary goal, but I want to get down to 75kg and turn them kg into something more useful. Therefore I’ve been looking at what’s available locally and I have been pleasantly surprised by the facilities available, if not by the price. I hope Gareth will be suitably appreciative of the results ;-)

I once promised Gareth that I would answer his questions honestly, which he promptly derided as hokum! So, having seen others do it, I now extent that courtesy to you, gentle reader. Since I may not have a great deal to blog about for a little while, do you have any questions? Feedback? Hints and tips for the anxious and frumpy gay man about town? Alternatively I would love to hear the story of how you and your partner met, and got together… how quickly did you decide to become boyfriends? How long was it till you moved in together?

Inspiration greatly appreciated!


czechOUT said...

Xfe and I had our second "date" on my birthday (having met the week before). That was the Thursday night.

On Saturday night I took Xfe to the theatre, and on Sunday we decided that he would move in on his return from Moscow 10 days later...

We were married about a year and a half later.


Kris said...

I looove Postsecret. I used to save the postcards since he takes 'em down the week after.

Hmm, I'm in my first relationship so can't think of any but I'd say, enjoy the dates for what it is and try not to get too hang up on the outcome.

Met my bf through We met on 16 Jun last year and pretty much saw each other almost daily after that. It wasn't a conscious decision for us to become 'boyfriends,' it's as if it just fell into place that we became one without talking about it.

We ended up moving in together not more than six weeks after. There were circumstances that brought it upon that I can tell you later but yea, that's the gist of it. Together now for 14 months with 'gaps' in between eventhough we live together.

Just be yourself!? j/k. I know how many times you've heard that :P