Friday, 8 August 2008

A yummy post

Hello, gentle reader! It’s me – Mr Happy Fun Guy!!

I met Gareth on Thursday as arranged and after tonnes of inane chatter of this and that I said we should go and have dinner as a birthday treat for yours truly. Gareth rather kindly suggested we go back to his place for said meal and a film. Yippee!! That WAS the answer on the card…

Whilst at the bar our talk wasn’t all idle though; Gareth and I discussed ‘us’ and how much he wants to ‘get to know each other’ before we even go as far as using the ‘B’ word. He was somewhat dismissive of my assertion that I am baggage free (or as near as spit) so there we go; I made clear I saw no reason to wait and instead let us be swept wherever our emotions might take us. Because that usually works out great for me… but anyway:

this time, a week to the day since last we headed back to his, it was public transport all the way – I technically fare-dodged on the train (my travelcard doesn’t cover the route to his place) but we made such a winsome couple at the other end the fare-collectors let us off. Gareth bumped into a friend at his local station and - I thought this was rather sweet - deliberately ensured we had a nice session of tonsil-hockey in full view of her in order to, as he put it, start some gossip about how he’s with this gorgeous guy [aka ME!!]. From there it was a short hop on the bus (where I was under strict instructions to behave) to Chez G.

A full range of antics then ensued which were punctuated by a Chinese takeaway and The Birdcage – a film that was the absolute right choice.

Right now there is barely a single thing I don’t like about Gareth. Great guy, great flat… holds hands with me everywhere, kisses in public (as kissing is my biggest turn on it really does get him an enormous number of points – and with Mike points win prizes), snuggles up to me in bed, and when watching a film. He even has nice feet! Best of all, however, was his insistance that we had not broken the no sex rule as we were in fact making love…

The view from his flat is really quite something; though as close to the centre of the city as I am you can barely see another building from his balcony. Of course I was busy admiring other things… but I did catch myself getting rather comfortable there to the point I thought nothing of whipping up breakfast and bringing him coffee while he bathed.

This morning he flew out to Ireland (after a lecture from me on what might be considered treasonable activities whilst over there) for a friend’s wedding and I came home to, finally, the unconditional offer of my next job. All I need to do is confirm my start date and hand in my notice at the current workplace and it is done! But before that I need to message Gareth, get some sleep, and I seem to have dislocated a hip somewhere along the way…

Best Birthday Ever.


PinkExpat said...

I´ll happily admit that I am a big soppy guy. So it was lovely to read your post. I really hope it works out for both of you. Enjoy!

Monty said...

I'm deeply happy for you! Sounds like our Gareth is hitting all the right buttons (notwithstanding your previous post) - nice legs too! :-)