Sunday, 29 June 2008

No Strings Attached

Well, that was the weekend that was. The final innings of my last hurrah. And I have to say it was rather good as these things go. I wouldn’t normally go into detail about such matters but I think with this one it might help me get my head round it all. Be warned, it’s a bit more forthright than usual.

Well, first things first. New-V and I meet in Brixton before heading to this party.

The party was held at an empty flat, which was kind of disconcerting, and we were amongst the first to arrive. In the end about 15 guys turned up, and there was porn and poppers and even, to my surprise, Viagra. Things were slow to get started I must say but then, seemingly spontaneously, people began pairing up and the party really got going. Of course, new-V was off enjoying himself, which put me off a bit – though there was no real reason why he shouldn’t have taken full advantage, so I did too – but he and I managed to find each other a bit later on and reacquaint ourselves…

In all honesty I didn’t find it very inspiring, though I must admit the talent on offer was of a pleasingly reasonable standard (I was a bit apprehensive). Yet, to my admittedly untrained eyes it seemed most of the guys there were trying to fulfil some kind of ideal of the gay man in his gorgeous rippling-ness. Same clothes, shoes, glasses AND, most off puttingly, not a body hair between then. The whole party was like a porno version of Village of the Damned. Honestly, one of the high points of my evening was finding a hair that actually had a man attached to it. As my Big Book of Boy Trouble explains, secondary sexual characteristics are there for a reason.

We ended up staying late enough that new-V took me back to his place to spend the night which was OK by me. Turns out he drives like a bastard and likes hip-hop. BUT that was not the issue at hand. The issue at hand is that I then would need to meet the boyfriend. Indeed, there’s a is a one bedroom apartment. So, yes, a little bit anxious – though that anxiety tempered by the fact we were trying to give Einstein a run for his money in new-V’s car. And by the fact that I was really quite tired.

New-V’s boyfriend, it turns out, had been out on the lash with his mates and was three sheets to the wind by the time we got back. So, into an alcoholic stupor we all fell in the early hours and the three of us slumbered until the late morning on Sunday. I really must have been tired – I normally find it impossible to sleep easily somewhere new, and rely on (a) this not being the item on the agendum and (b) 24 hour public transport.

In the morning it turned out we got on rather well, and I got to know them both as people. I know that sounds strange, but new-V really was just a fuck-buddy and (judge away, then, gentle reader) I never actually knew his name until this afternoon.


Anyway, they were really nice people both.

But, come on, you’ve read enough here to realise that is hardly the end of it! New-V, the boyfriend and I did end up drifting back into that one and only bedroom and, well, what can I say? I really had a great time. Sneakily I wonder if this wasn’t new-V’s agendum all the time, because they were both so attentive. Seriously, I’m not the world’s greatest threesome expert but this was damned fine. Admittedly, they tried something that perhaps might have been the subject of discussion/negotiation in advance but apart from mild surprise no real-harm done (though this is the first time I have really ended up walking funny after an afternoon’s entertainment).

I wonder if new-V meant to give me a good send off? He was certainly much, much more ‘affectionate’ than usual; and that, with the social interaction for the first time meant a whole new dimension opened up for me and I ended up really, really liking new-V as a person – perhaps we can be friends after all, like the others have become?

You see, the thing this weekend has made me realise is I’m beginning to get past the casual sex thing, and I’m moving into fully understanding the need for the deeper intimacy than the physical. And that is now all on me and Mark… I have a real desire to get into a loving relationship, but so little experience! I think this video, sent me by a friend, sums it up…

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Monty said...

Holy heck - you've now officially gone one step further than I have with the "party" thing! Well done you! I've had a couple of threesomes and they were fun but of course, I was always the third person and so ultimately, went home alone. I think I understand what you mean about walking funny afterwards...sounds like the same thing that happened to me one time! ahhh well, it's all about trying something new! Hope you and Mark work out!!! :-)