Monday, 9 June 2008

Review of the Year

But where then have we found ourselves, gentle reader, as we approach the middle of the month of June?

Well, first let’s review the stats - I like my numbers; here’s an example of the kind of equation I, hogzilla geekboy, come up with for work - (it might not inpress you but the government of Queensland will be eternally grateful. Or not!):

It turns out there were 36 men in my alphabet (including Darren) - ‘S’ covers three, and I accidentally used ‘A’ and ‘O’ twice. Finally, the letter ‘Y’ was never allocated – the only one left – so it’s covered anyone who came along recently, including Mark.

Of those 36, there are a couple of ongoing ‘prospects’; four have fallen under the general heading of boyfriend; five have been or are my phalanx of occasional ‘lovers’; one stalker (Harry’s still making his presence felt) and about a third of the rest have been… well, one off fun. More than I thought, actually.


Ranging from early 20s to late 50s the guys I’ve met have all be fun in their own respective ways. Good memories, and some good stories! And, I’ve been amazed by how much support and friendliness there was when I came out and how well received I was in-and-of myself... very affirming.

The last twelve months have seen a series of changes all for the good, I think, starting with giving up smoking, then taking care of my body; coming out; sorting out my work and pushing forward with self-employment. I’m closer to friends and family than ever before, I’m delighted to be in my 30s, I love being me. And I am genuinely, genuinely happy with my life.

By the same token I’ve learned a lot about myself and other things, and had some of the most wonderful experiences of my life. But, most importantly, I’ve made some good friends and experienced proper romance for the very first time. There has been so much I can look back on and laugh about, cry about, daydream and reminisce about… And I am at the very beginning of a relationship that might become Something.

So then, maybe my prince, only the very occasional frog, and a pretty fun time on the yellow brick road; “non pleure milord”.
Coming out is never wrong.

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Monty said...

I too did a count after 12 months OUT of my past dates/shags etc and shocked myself!!! I did originally intend to post it on my first anniversay blog but was too embarassed! So well done you for actually posting the number! :-) Glad you've come up with a naming system too, because you've run out of alphabet! LOL