Tuesday, 3 June 2008


No, not a misprint gentle reader; Twosday. I call it Twosday instead of Tuesday for fun. It is a pun, or play on words, you see – and once I explain it you’ll laugh till you poop I’m sure.

Tonight, after much ado at the bank I finally got my new account number and sort-code; card and cheque book on the way. My life can get going again! Well, I’m still going to be down a few hundred squid; and my credit file has more red flags on it than a soviet flag factory. But it’s OK; I’m liquid again!!

And not a moment too soon.

Tonight I had a date at a lovely bar in Greenwich
called The Union where they sell lovely organic beers. Tonight's fella was the banker I mentioned before ( I really do need a new naming system. Ideas, please!!) – he lives not far from me; only about ten minutes away, and I met him through the Soulmates website. Problem is he was flying into the UK Tuesday afternoon, and his flight got diverted after an unexploded WWII bomb was found near City Airport so he was going to be a bit late. He dashed into town, barely pausing to dump his bags, before coming to meet me. How sweet! It's not often a man makes that kind of effort for me.

So we met, hurrah, and we got talking. He bought me dinner as an apology, too, which was completely unnecessary but a nice gesture. It was, overall, a really nice date, and we talked about nearly everything. He wasn’t too camp, but was also nicely flirty; I think he liked the look of me, which was pleasing – in truth he’s quite the looker himself. Not that that matters at all, of course…

But he’d been travelling all day, and had any early start on Wednesday so about 10 we left and headed to our respective places, which mainly involved travelling together so that was nice.

The absolute nicest thing, however, was that he asked me on a second date straight away! How fantastic. Of course the answer was yes, and we’ll be seeing each other again Friday; but just to be sure I sent a text when I got home to say “thank you for dinner and a lovely date. Hope to see you Friday…” and he replied “Hey, you beat me to saying the same! See you Friday…”

And, to cap it all, the guy I saw on Sunday also wants to see me for a second date too (this will be dinner on Saturday). Of course, he’s asked me where we should go. I hate having to pick the venue! But I guess it’s worth it. I'm thinking Japanese, maybe.

Second dates all of a sudden. Have I suddenly become more attractive? Is the medicine finally working? Or am I becoming better at dating? Actually I think that the rules people set out for dates are, up to a point, tosh. Don't talk about this, don't do that; you either click or you don't I think. One trick is being robust enough to handle that properly.

Of course when you do click... Twosday; get it?

This video is particuarly good by the way

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Monty said...

TWO second dates in a row - well done you!!! Wahooooo! :-)