Sunday, 15 June 2008


Today Mark and I were supposed to have lunch; and yes, I did hope the afternoon might see the gourmand become the voluptuary. But when we spoke this morning the cold he was coming down with on Friday had really taken hold and he was feeling rotten. Hence we had to abandon have the fantastic lunch I had intended for us today.

The planned menu:

1) Antipasto, followed by minestrone

(complimented with a nice new world Chardonnay)

2) Salad

3) Pork and Chicken in a white wine and cream source

(served with a lovely organic Chenin Blanc.)

4) Me.

Unfortunately that couldn't happen. A pox on the flu!

I'm really disappointed because it's the last time we can spend any weekend time together for a while now - though we will see each other on Wednesday, so that's something. Mark did rather pointedly suggest that I would know how to amuse myself in the meantime. Uh-oh. Truth is, I have decided not to see anyone else for the time being until I'm sure what this is becoming/where it's going. For some reason a bit nervous about that but...

So actually this afternoon I find myself rather bored, and annoyed at the confines I've placed on myself! Well, rough with the smooth. He'll have to make it up to me somehow ;-)

No option then: it's domestic goddess time - things must be desperate. Work on the balcony; try and get my antique clock working again; and general tidying. I also went out and treated myself to a new computer monitor on the spur of the moment - possibly not the best time for fripperies as I'm still trying to rebuild my finances, but what the hey?

Finally I decided to try and update my pics on my various profiles, but as usual the camera and I were not on the best of terms! Instead, pics of domesticity to entertain till I have something more interesting to blog (the pictures above the dining table were made by a good friend of mind and given to me years ago; they're my favourites).

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