Sunday, 22 June 2008

Going out with a bang!

Normal service has been resumed gentle reader, and chirpy sarf Lahndahn fella Mike is back on top form. And this morning I was in the mood for something that the Invisible Boyfriend was not around to provide.

So Mike hatched a plan. A plan so cunning it would outfox Mr Foxington-Fox-Smythe himself. Well, perhaps :o).

I decided to have a last hurrah with my regulars and invited them to come over today for, well old times’ sake I suppose. As it turns out two could only come over in the morning (new-V couldn’t make it at all) but also they both wanted to come over at the same time. So, I tactfully explained that they might run into each other but both were surprisingly fine with it, and they got on rather well in the event – a good time was had by all. Perhaps they’ll hook up from now on without me?!

The object of all this of course is to draw a line under what now can loosely be termed the past, and focus on building a steadier relationship with Mark, which for the moment might be termed the future. I’ve um-ed and ah-ed over ‘monogamy’ with him now for quite long enough; it’s time to take the plunge, put my money where my mouth is, and get on with it.

After bidding a fond farewell to both, I had lunch with a neighbour and we put away a fair bit of wine giggling over my erstwhile profiles online on various lurve-sites; but whilst doing that I got a charming invitation from a local guy via gaydar and after exchanging a couple of messages I bid farewell to my neighbour and headed the couple of miles up the road to see him. As casual hook-ups go this one really, really was an excellent finale; and he was such a nice guy I suggested afterward that we might want to go out sometime for drinks – platonic from this point on, though. I’m not sure he’ll go for it – casual hook-ups are what they are after all; and arguably it would mean taking things in the wrong order. But all the gay friends I’ve made to date have come from, well, dates of one sort or another, so one can never be sure. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s that going out on a limb is never wrong!

Anyway, is that the end of that? Not quite, I’m afraid. New-V, being an understanding chap, as well as the prince of all naughtiness, has suggested that he and I have our own last hurrah of sorts at a particular sort of party he’s going to next Saturday. And that involves the last big thing I particularly wanted to try on this particular journey; so I said yes. That, I think, will be the final fling.

This week’s postsecret has a postcard on it discussing the awkwardness of falling in love. I recognise the sentiment; but I really have to try and get it right with Mark now. Perhaps I'm going out on the ultimate limb? Well, no turning back.

Tune in next week kids, for another exciting installment of... but in the meantime some pix of my walk yesterday.

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Monty said...

Oo er, so does that mean you had a threesome with your 2 fellas????????? ;-)

AND what is it that you are doing with NewV?????? This sounds intriguing to the enth degree!!!

Good luck with the new chapter in your journey...Mark and Mike (ooo, that works quite well together doesn't it).

Big hug!