Thursday, 26 June 2008


Timing is a wonderful thing. For example last night I went out with Mark; we had dinner and then we saw Indiana Jones and the Temple of Crystal Skull. Kids will enjoy the action scenes I think. But it wasn’t inspiring. The best thing about going to see the film was the reclining seats in the cinema ;-)

He’s going away this weekend, for which, as you know gentle reader, I myself have arranged some entertainment. Fortunately. and co-incidentally, after that both Mark and I are pretty much free on the same days from now to the end of August so that’s good – though I have old friends staying at the end of July and am travelling a bit for work in the meantime. So it looks like we’ll be able to spend more time together – which is good because public displays of affection aren’t Mark’s strong suit! I just want to jump him!!

One thing we’ll probably end up doing together is his garden. He has big plans for it, which I intend to set about changing to something… nicer (all stainless steel? I think not). But once done we’ve tentatively discussed having a joint party there to debut it.

In the meantime two things about Mark: (1) He can’t keep his eyes off other guys. Hmmm. That might begin to get tiresome…. (2) During the scary bit of films he puts his fingers in his ears. That’s so adorable I just want to jump him!!

Unfortunately because Mark is away again *sigh* I won’t see him again till Wednesday. For then he has insisted we have an early dinner at a place near where he lives. Which, with it being our one month anniversary, might be just the thing. I just want to jump him!!

And now for something completely different!

One of my favourite shows is the Geoff Show on Virgin Radio. As it’s on late I listen to the podcast the next evening. And as an incentive to us podcast listeners you can write in and get a ‘podication’ read out. Now, when Darren dumped me I sent myself a podication to cheer myself up and then forgot about it. So what happens? They read it out today! I couldn’t believe it. Check it out for yourselves (podications are at the beginning)! Slightly less good timing though; I was mortified!

PS it's about 35 megabytes so careful downloading the show!

Death Kitty and the Fat Man

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