Saturday, 14 June 2008

He'll always have Paris

Last night Mark and I went to see The Happening… well, it was OK. I don’t really recommend it over, say, seeing something else. I think Mark liked it more than me though which is good, because I chose the film!

Afterward there were drinks, but not dinner as planned; and that was good for a number of reasons. Firstly, obviously, I was with him. Hurrah!

Secondly, we talked for the first time about the future. Not The Future as in mortgage; marriage; children; death, but as in the events over the next few weeks.

It turns out, to my intense disappointment, that Mark is in France not only next weekend, but the weekend after. I dropped some pretty heavy hints (“I’ve never been to France. I’d love to go. Perhaps we should go one day? Paris should be lovely at this time of year.”) but no, they didn’t seem to register! I also suggested that he and I should go to Germany in the late summer which he seemed open to, though he’s going to Greece in September.

This is what I get for meeting a guy who Travels!

Still, at least it shows he’s not having serious doubts right now, if we can talk about July, August, September…

But the third, and perhaps most interesting thing, is a realisation that Mark expects me to, for want of a better phrase, take charge. In fact he was quite up-front about it last night; he has a high-powered job where he has to make tough decisions 12 hours a day and as part of his work/life balance he doesn’t really want to make decisions outside that. And, to be a bit icky, that applies in the bedroom too.

Hmmm. Is angst ridden blouse “still-quite-new-at-this” Mike up to the challenge?

Nevertheless, our hectic schedules mean that we have to snatch our moments when we can; and to that end I’m cooking him a very nice Sunday lunch, and hopefully afterward he will stay for a film, and a bit of coffee and home-made cake (yes, I bake things too) and etc, etc.

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Monty said...

Excellent news about the whole "talking about the future" thing. You seem to be doing pretty well, without all the requested relationship advice. He obviously likes you a lot, to be talking about the future. You obviously like him a lot. He must realize that and not be scared off by it, so whatever you're doing, keep on doing it! :-)