Saturday, 7 June 2008

Can I keep him?

To help bring the naming thing under control I have decided to tell you that Mr Tuesday’s name is Mark. I’ve revealed it now, thus risking the Curse of the Wereblog upon us both, because I really like him. And the topic of today’s post is how much I hope he likes me.

Mark and I met on Friday for drinks at the Tate Modern (he is a member and they have a members’ room, which was really nice – both the décor and the views) and then we went for dinner around London Bridge where, in what I think is a good sign, they only charged us for two glasses of champagne rather than bottles. And, eventually, as dinner and drinks progressed we reached a tentative understanding that it was time to be a bit more intimate - and so we jumped on a train and headed back to my place.

Though it was not my intention, yes, OK, things ended up getting very intimate indeed… but that’s not the point. The point is Mark seems perfect in every way. His body puts me to shame and he’s a cultured, intelligent, passionate guy. It felt so comfortable lying in his arms in bed last night I wish we were still there right now.

In the cold light of day, of course, I realise the flat’s a total state, I look a shocking mess, and after all that champagne I probably made an idiot of myself. The long-and-short of it is he could do a lot better.

So though we are due to see each other for a third time on Sunday, I’m genuinely worried that it will be a kind of “well, nice knowing you” kind of meeting rather than a ‘third date’ leading to a ‘fourth date’ leading to…

We’ve exchanged some texts to day and I’ve asked him to call me later. Mark wants to go to the cinema, I think, but if I tidied the place up and made a fantastic meal, possibly to be eaten by candle-light, then I can keep things on track. But if he doesn’t want to see me again after tomorrow, then for the first time in a while I’ll be quite put out.

I’m trying to avoid becoming infatuated like I often do; I’m hopeful and a bit anxious. But I don't normally worry (to my own detriment I'm sure) about the effect last night will have on tomorrow. So if he calls me later I think I will try to explain how I feel. Yes/No???

Well, fingers crossed!

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Monty said...

Ahh, excuse me, but didn't Mark (thank goodness we've got some names by the way) ring you to arrange Sunday date? If he was sooo put off by the state of you/your flat, surely he wouldn't be arranging another date! Mr, enjoy him, he seems like a lovely guy and he seems to be right into you! Don't stress, don't worry, don't try to over think this - it's what I used to do all the time and it doesn't do you any favours but to make you more stressed and nervous and you end up ruining things. Hug!