Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Advance Australia Fair

A while ago I mentioned that I worked with people from Queensland helping the development of a service there similar to what I provide here. When I got into work today I found they’d contacted me again to ask for more help. So I thought, since I’m in the mood to change jobs, and they are looking for an Australian me, why not offer my services…

Who knows? Hah, the odds are against it to be honest but a change might be just the thing.

Well, except for the Invisible Boyfriend. Yes, Mark is back in town. Hooray!

We’re (or perhaps we were) supposed to see each other tomorrow, and our messages back and forth continued without resolve until indecisiveness developed a bijou row-ette about precisely where and when. Now he’s not returning calls or texts, and I suspect I’m getting the silent treatment. Maybe this is the end? I always worry about this with every little thing. For all I know he’s not checked his voicemail.

Unfortunately new-V is also making a bit of a nuisance of himself, and keeps texting to come over. No! Wait your turn!! Well, nice to be popular. But gosh, I do like to make things difficult for myself. Still, no angst, blouses firmly anchored – tonight I’m writing this, filling in application forms, and enjoying a glass of Californian Colombard. Off to the land of nod soon enough… and as if en cue, Tainted Love comes on the radio!

A friend and neighbour of mine I met recently (see Fallen angel below) has started a group on YouTube to boycott Heinz products (called We will be boycotting Heinz products) as they pulled an advert that had a ‘gay’ kiss in it (I think that’s a generous interpretation of a humorous situation – check it out below).
I joined though, because that reaction to this ad' is annoying.


Monty said...

If you get the job, does this mean you'll be moving to Queensland??? :-)

czechOUT said...

oh gosh I think I was prone to reckless abandon that same last time. It must be the sun.

So, are you planning on going to live in Oz?

Right, it's after 3pm so I can start to get ready to go brave the afternoon sun.