Sunday, 18 May 2008

Shut up and make out

Today I had a date with 'Q'. As discussed before, I met 'Q' through the terribly grown-up Guardian Soulmates website.

Saturday I spent mostly running errands in the rain, unfortunately losing the debit card to my main bank account in the process! Typically, the card for my other account had expired and so I was left with the horrible prospect of either cancelling the date or being a skinflint as I had no access to cash.

But then – genius! I have 100 Euro or so about the place as I’ve family all over Europe, so there’s little point exchanging it between trips. So before 'Q' and I met at Kings Cross (platform 9¾) I nipped over to the Eurostar terminal in St Pancras and got me some Sterling. Our Hero Saves The Day.

'Q' and I met, went to a coffee/cake shop, got (perhaps unoriginally) a coffee and a bit of cake each and we talked.

I thought at first he was a bit too far into geek territory for me. And the nervous giggling at his own jokes… Nevertheless I did have a good time, and we talked about many things over afternoon tea; about work and friends and our respective experiences of coming out.

Q grew up on the Isle of Man. There being gay was a criminal offence until about 1990; and even then the law only changed because Westminster put its foot down. Consequently attitudes are a little behind, and Q had a pretty rough time when he came out to his family. It really just goes to show how lucky I’ve had it.

Anyway, after we had our coffees I suggested we go into Soho and have a drink, which is exactly what we did. And, after three glasses of wine, things began to get a bit amorous.

Now, I’ve mentioned before The Rules:

1) No sex on a first date.
2) Terms and conditions apply to rule one.
3) If you use rule two to get past rule one you only have yourself to blame.

I promised, I promised, I promised myself that this would be a totally respectable affair; chaste, sophisticated, proper. The object of date one, after all, is to get date two. But there’s just something about a really good kisser that gets me going and I’ll admit after a while, after being got ‘going’, I simply do not care about the niceties any more.

Fly in the ointment alert; my flat’s about an hour away. While that isn’t a problem in itself, beyond the confines of an area like Soho our amorous activities would have been liable to cause comment amongst the general populace.

Luckily Q (bless ‘im) knew of old a discreet and accommodating venue where gentlemen of a certain persuasion might enjoy good company without fear of causing comment. So there we headed, and it was an eye-opener to say the least; certainly somewhere I may visit again on occasion depending on how things turn out.

Now I’m at home reeking of chlorine and shame (but mostly chlorine) and I’ve been texting an awful lot because I don’t want it to be just a one-off thing…

Tune In Next Week for another Exciting Episode!

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Monty said...

"Discreet and accommodating establishment" - are you talking about a...gasp...sauna??? Quel saucy! ;-)