Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Yin and Yang

Things have moved remarkably quickly since March. I’m not complaining, oh no; I even managed to squeeze in a bit of fun on Tuesday night with ‘Z’, a guy with whom I’ve been exchanging texts and emails for some weeks (I’d actually given up hope of us ever hooking up). But I do wonder if sometimes I rashly make sudden jumps, complicating situations that ideally would get more careful consideration and management.

For example, Harry has become, in a remarkably short space of time, something of a vexatious stalker. He has constantly called, texted, emailed, visited my profile on the website through which we first met, and otherwise made a bit of a nuisance of his-self, several times a day since we split up.

Things came to a head with the message he sent to me today, of which the following forms part:

“…my ex visited your profile and I would appreciate it if you don’t start chatting to him because all I need is my current boyfriend taking of with my ex !!”

Hmmmm. Okay….

Firstly, we have broken up, I can assure you. What, then, is this ‘current’ boyfriend business? Secondly, what do I care his ex visited my profile? I’ve never met his ex, and would never have known the guy from Adam if Harry hadn’t helpfully provided his details. Thirdly, as I made clear in my reply, had Harry and I remained together, I would still speak/flirt/[insert verb of choice here] with whomsoever I please, damn it!

I suppose it’s a good sign his ex has sufficient use of his limbs to visit my profile in the first place…

But, enough is enough so I’ve told Harry not to contact me again until at least early June (he’s going away for a week then so it seems a natural point) by which time he will hopefully have calmed down!

In the meantime ‘Q’ and I are in virtually constant contact so that seems to be going well. Yesterday evening we exchanged some romantic and sweet emails about getting to know each other and how much fun it is going to be, and how nerve-wracking it’s going to be, and how much good it will be to see where this leads. I do find myself warming to him oh such a great deal. Fingers crossed!

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Monty said...

Congratulations - you've achieved your first psycho-stalker! Well done! LOL

HOpe all goes well with Q. Though, there's still plenty more letters out there in the alphabet sea! ;-)