Monday, 26 May 2008

Lazy Monday Afternoon

Today I really should be doing some work, as I have deadlines to meet and providing a good service is the foundation of my business (restrictions on advertising mean most of my new clients on the finance side contact me because of word of mouth) and, frankly, I’m pathologically against refusing work – I genuinely can’t understand the attitude of some of my friends and neighbours that refuse, or worse, abandon work half done. I have ambitions for my business and I want to be Rich Rich Rich hahahahaha…

Nevertheless I did give myself ever such a long lie in today, and then in the early afternoon went for a lovely walk along the river in the driving wind and rain (I love weather like that, don’t know why). And after popping to the supermarket I made my way back. Exhilarating.

When I got back I found I had received a further email from ‘Q’ because he wanted to explain further why he had finished with me in the way that he had. At first I was tempted to publish it here, but I won’t. Suffice it to say that I’m, apparently, sexy; attractive; warm; kind; hospitable; a good cook; a good conversationalist; I have great taste; and I’m a very good fuzunjulator with a vuduedium that just won’t quit.

But, I like late nights; parties; drinks; living it up with friends; spending more than I should; public displays of affection; laughing at inappropriate moments; and I’m not afraid to share my views or challenge others’. And this is why, he writes, I’m just not his quiet-stay-at-home type.

Though annoying – because if we had talked we might have found some middle ground, or some way of keeping going - I’m a little mystified as to what in the description he himself sets out, makes me unsuitable. Hey-ho: it’s over, the end.

It occurs to me, though, that men might sometimes not be very nice. From the postman’s peculiar but persistent inability to deliver some work from a client to me (thus costing me about £150 per day – I will have mine vengeance upon thee Royal Mail) to the shabby way I have been treated by Darren, ‘Q’ and ‘O’…

Also, currently my health problems have reached a level where the physical symptoms have become quite alarming and I need to go back to the doctor at the earliest possible opportunity.

Fortunately neither has brought me to a point where I need to stop meeting guys, so once again I find myself on the prowl.

To that end I have joined yet another site - in fact I was invited by person or persons unknown (intriguing). It's called QueerPersonals, so we'll see what happens there. Annoyingly, the site doesn't let me make a distinction between being gay or a lesbian, so at least some anecdotes for the blog, eh?

In the meantime, a couple of interesting events from the world of alphabet soup. 'X' was so pleased with Friday night's activities that he came round first thing on Saturday for more. A gap of less than eight hours; nice to be popular ;-)

We won't be having another casual hook-up, though. 'X' said he actually gets uncomfortable with those situations but we agreed that maybe we'd go out for a drink or something soon instead. We're still in touch, so we'll see.

'W' on the other hand is a guy I've been chatting to online who is in a long term relationship that is, unfortunately, sexless. So he's looking for an outlet - friend with benefits, if you will. Now that suits me just fine, but I wonder whether anything will come of it. Not because there's something wrong - far from it. We've become friends quite quickly and our conversations have a decidedly adult theme on many occasions. But, I have discovered his partner has been unfaithful and this really hurt 'W' a lot. As such, two questions arise.

The first is, if you're both playing away but not together, why? The second is, am I just 'W's way of getting revenge? I'm encouraging 'W' to talk to his partner at least in general terms about what, if anything is wrong. As I have posted before, honesty must be the absolute basis for anything that I do with a guy. Open minded, inquisitive and playful I am. But I really don't want to hurt someone's feelings. I'd rather be a true friend and forgo the 'benefits'.

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