Sunday, 25 May 2008


So that was Eurovision. As is usual Britain did badly, despite fielding what I thought was a good song this year. Russia’s not very good entry won (I was hopeful Ukraine might get it). Every year we go in knowing exactly what’s going to happen, and every year a mood of sullen defiance descends over the nation the next day. Most of my friends have said we shouldn’t play any more! Well, till next year in Sunny Moscow… Still, it was a good party; I cooked a huge amount of food and brought in a vast amount of booze which I think helped!

Unfortunately things have gone off the rails with ‘Q’. He did come to my little party, but after giving a lift to a couple of people who were leaving – instead of coming back - he just sent me a text ‘…I feel like a worm… I can’t see us fitting together… You’re a great guy, and now I have run off like a coward. I’m so very sorry to hurt you as you have shown me nothing but warmth and kindness.’ All true.

I was quite angry about it actually. OK, so he doesn’t want to see me again – it would have been nice if he’d had the balls to say it to my face, being that he was in the same room as me for several hours. Or perhaps talked to me while we were planning this weekend together that now isn’t going to happen? I suppose if we meet electronically we may part the same way, but in a fit of childish pique I removed him last night from my phone, de-friended him on Facebook, blocked his email address and unlinked our profiles on the website we met through.

Take that Dr ‘Q’ pig-dog PhD! This morning I mostly just have to laugh at myself.

When I woke up, bad-tempered and hung-over, I did jump online to see if there was anything doing, but stopped myself hooking up with anyone as I dimly perceived that wouldn’t be a good idea right now. I’m much better now! Partly cheered up, I must say, by the fact I was contacted online by a man whose profile I had visited, and who asked me to get in touch. He appears to be a fitness fanatic, which might be just what I need! One door closes; another one opens?

He can’t have a letter just yet, though; because there’s only one left!


Monty said...

Only one letter're kidding me!!! :-)

Monty said...

PS Eurovision was soooooo rigged! Russia was CRAP!

czechOUT said...

sorry we couldn't make overlooked the invite I guess, and after having made the effort to attend the real deal last year in Helsinki, and all. Sigh!

C'est la vie!