Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Carry on Doctor!

Nearly a week since my last post, I dunno…

So where are we up to?

Harry and I had a lengthy phone conversation on Friday. I didn’t really want to go into detail about my concerns over the phone, but he insisted and when he asked me to set out where I thought we were (are we OK? etc) I just said we should meet next (meaning this) week.

He went away with friends at the weekend so that gave us both time to think. I’m actually still not sure what to do so I suppose my final decision will me made when I see him. Not really fair on the chap, but as before while I adore so much about him/us there’s just something that makes me hesitate and it would be particularly unfair to keep him hanging on.

In the meantime on Sunday I met not one but two guys who live really near me. Totally chaste, but a good time! With the first (U) we walked all along the river from Woolwich to the O2 dome and had a early afternoon drink therein before heading back. It’s a lovely walk and one I’ll repeat with other friends when they come to visit.

The second ‘date’, with R, was spent in front of the river on a path of land between it and our development, where we polished off a lot of wine and I got terribly sunburnt – to the amusement of my colleagues.

Both were great and I hope to see both of them again if only for a laugh.

Now Monday rolls around and by the end of the day I’m beginning to feel seriously unwell. I end up going home early and getting straight into bed; though I hate doing it I went to the doctor and I discussed my current and more long-standing symptoms.

I was expecting to be told to take some aspirin and stop being such a girl, but instead I was told it was extremely important that I had been seen and to take at least two weeks off, awaiting an onward referral to a specialist. Oooops. Well, we’ll see what happens. I’m not worried about the health thing (as of yet). I’ve emailed a couple of colleagues to let them know and to keep me in mind if any social things are happening! And I’ve contacted a couple of clients to move things around.

I hate being off sick; haven’t taken at day off for nearly two years and it just makes me worry that I’m pathetic and not pulling-my-weight when told to take the time now. But my health is the most important thing.

Anyhow; I’m now at home, enjoying the sunny weather and wondering what’s next. Apart from an early afternoon glass of wine…

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Monty said...

Two whole weeks off - I dream of that!!! ARe you OK??? For a doctor to tell you to take that much time off, it can't just be the flu! Big healthy hugs from me!!!

As for Harry, good luck with your chat.

And enjoy your afternoon glass of wine! :-)