Sunday, 4 May 2008

A Busy Bee - Part One

I've decided to write two posts about this weekend, rather than one long one. This first post will be about all the other things I've done; the second I shall devote to Harry...

Saturday night saw me at my friend’s housewarming party. As well as a colleague she and I have been living in the same area for about four years, and briefly she lived in the same development as I did while I was active in my local residents association. So we had a lot of contact both personal and professional and we ended up getting quite close; she's heard all about my dating-life (more than she wants to know probably, bless her heart) and I went to her wedding, which was fantastic as it was great to see her hitched to her fantastic husband, and I'd never attended a Sikh ceremony before, so it was a wonderful experience for me in lots of ways.

I had intended to stay only a couple of hours, but it being a fantastic party I ended up staying till 2am! Curiously, my friend said to me at one point “You know, I think you’re the only gay person I know”. This surprised me as it looked to me that there were enough friends of Dorothy around to make it seem like a housewarming in the Emerald City. But in any event I ate and drank and danced and stumbled home in the early hours, totally mashed, to bed, to sleep; a righteous sleep.

Today, after not quite enough sleep, I met a friend in Central London and we saw Happy-go-Lucky (trailer at the bottom) – and it is brilliant. We laughed all the way through. I'm not sure if it was scripted or ad-libbed but the banter between the actors flowed brilliantly. It was exactly what I hoped it would be, and the film is jam-packed with lots of little story lines that really meant it kept moving without any twists or shocks or contrived plot lines. I strongly, strongly recommend it!
The central character, Poppy (shown in the picture) exemplifies the kind of attitude I try hard to have about life, and the film really made me think how great it will be to stick to seeing the good about everything, and the opportunities in everything. Loved it to bits.

After the film my friend and I went for a pizza and consoled each other about the election of Boris Johnson to London Mayor this Friday. Still, though Red Ken loved London almost as much as he loved himself, it was time for a change! I am sometimes left and sometimes right of centre in my politics; overall I would say my politics are if you want a better life/world/future, then at some level you just have to accept responsibility and work for it. However, the offering this time around was just pitiful. No wonder the BNP have a seat!

But tonight I'm relaxing alone, watching Dr Who and preparing for all the work I've got to do tomorrow even though it's a holiday...

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Anonymous said...

How funny, I went to see happy go lucky this weekend too... and couldn't agree more. Thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the message that happiness is a choice. Glad things are going well with H. Enjoy the rest of the weekend! A