Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Another day

Tuesday holds another visit to the doctor for me. I’m just back, actually, laden with five, count ‘em, five different medicines. A galaxy of tablets I need to take for at least three months possibly six. Aaargh! If I have to stay off the booze for that length of time I’m going to be a bit miffed…

In the meantime I’m supposed to take at least one more week out of work and chillax. Like Hell! Bills don’t pay themselves (or do they? If they do please let me know, gentle reader!).

Well, I guess that means I could concentrate on the dating scene for a while (and blogging of course). I’m going out to dinner with friends on Friday, and seeing the Sex and the City film on Sunday with another friend, and neighbour, who coincidentally was at Lord of the Rings when I was there with 'D'.

Speaking of a small world, QueerPersonals was started by another neighbour of mine, hence the mysterious invite; as well as a human pin cushion (thanks doc) I’m also the guinea pig for the next Gaydar. Well, I wish him all the best. I’ve already been propositioned by a 24 year old and, to my genuine horror, an 18 year old; but they’re far too young for me (though it is true What’shisname falls between those ages). At the other end of the scale I’ve also been asked to do some “passive web-cam action” for a “dominant daddy”, and been invited to some kind of group activity by some older gentlemen… but nothing doing. Truth is I’m not really in the mood for the casual thing right now. All very flattering though.

So now I’m staring a 72 hour teatime in the face… well, I’m going to go to a concert at St Martins on Thursday, as I’d been meaning to go back there for a while; I love classical music though few of my friends share that interest. Plus there are things I really have to get on with.

During the meanstwhiles I have decided to throw myself at the Parship and Soulmates websites. It’s a bit gruelling, actually, to find people you might like and send what is really the same message to about 13 of them. But I’ve had three replies so far, and I’ve replied to each of those… and we’ll see how it goes. After all, they do say a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down ;-)

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Monty said...

I feel your pain...the online dating game can be a drag sometimes...but it can be worth it! It's how I met my gorgeous McBrad!!! Good luck! :-)