Saturday, 14 March 2009

Yet more dating

Tuesday and Thursday I had dates this week. Very different of course, being completely different human beings! And I’m afraid they illustrate why Rule One is a good rule.

Tuesday's date and I had been waiting to meet for absolute ages, because he had been ill and I have, as always, been very busy. But there had been a lot of increasingly flirty – filthy even - texting and phone calls.

Well, when we met we got on very well. He’s at the younger end of my age range, but was very lively. Anyway as the evening progressed we became more and more frisky and eventually after more than we ought in a pub we ended up in St James’ Park and…

I have to say, it that’s how you show you don’t like someone I’m very confused about how you might show you do. Nevertheless, the next day our few desultory text messages petered out and that, it would appear, is that.

I’ll be honest, I’m not sure that he and I could have had a relationship. But still. The pressures of dating; everything has to be just so. It’s a bit much to live up to, don’t you think gentle reader?

Thursday, however, was totally Rule One compliant. We met in a pub in Dulwich, an area I don’t know – so picking the one pub in the area too cool to put its name on the outside was not the smartest move! Yet he arrived, and I’ll admit I was very taken with him. So much so that very early on in the evening I remembered Rule Two. Again, we seemed to get on well.

OK, I’ll admit his looking at all the other guys in the pub, and his inability to maintain eye contact, got me thinking early on that he wasn’t interested; he didn’t feel that spark everyone seems to demand.

Also, somewhat unsettlingly, in the pub was none other than my last long term girlfriend. We haven’t spoken for about three years; my being gay was something she couldn’t handle. And though we saw each other, we didn’t talk then and she left quickly. This is, to my mind, the kind of coincidence that would put anyone off their game. But I didn’t let it affect me too badly and I simply carried on in the hope the cascade of emotions running through me didn’t show.

Imagine, then, my surprise that given every opportunity to leave he unaccountable failed to do. And imagine further, if you will, my delight when he asked me out again at the end of the evening!

Well, he walked me back to my bus-stop, taking me slightly of the beaten path so he could kiss me (hurrah for muches smooches), and I went home a very cheerful fairy indeed.

I still have tonnes of dates etc lined up but Thursday was just so nice. Hopefully my date and I will meet again tomorrow, and if so I shall keep you posted. Either way it put a big smile on my face. And just when I was getting down about dating…

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