Sunday, 22 March 2009


A couple of assignations got me thinking recently. This week I have had a lot of fun; and by rights I should be feeling very smug about it. Tonnes of man flesh; nights out with friends; bust at work; busy in business (things seem to be looking up a bit which is a relief). A pretty full life – hurrah indeed for Strumpetville.

Nevertheless, I have had to acknowledge how brung low in mood I have been by running into Darren, my last long term girlfriend, and my disastrous date a couple of weeks ago.

So it was timely indeed when I hooked up on Thursday, via gaydar with a guy who lives not very far from me. Interestingly he and I had chatted on Soulmates before he decided he didn’t want to go on a date with me, so meeting up was quite a different experience from the usual casual fun.

The most interesting thing, I think, is how similar he and I are. Same age, similar looks (though as a dancer he’s rather better toned than I am. And double jointed, though that’s not for here); similar sex drives and preferences; and very similar in our attitudes to Fairyland.

After our fun we spent a lot of time talking about our respective Messrs Right and how we both, separately, felt we had to be careful about having a lot of sex for the wrong reasons. We both get easily infatuated and rely on our friends to keep us straight [pardon the pun] and we talked a lot about relationship strategies – he actually uses a lot of NLP…

It was kind of bizarre to learn what it’s like to meet me; a relatively pleasant experience and a good way to challenge my insecurities. Seeing myself in someone and thinking it wasn’t half bad… well, can’t hurt!

On Friday I met a really lovely guy who was just so plainly ‘sorted’. I don’t mean financially, though he clearly had a good career ahead of him (late 20s I would say). Just so nice in so many ways. The kind of person whom I meet casually and then wish I hadn’t – not because it was a bad time, but because they seem a bit of a catch… The way he was held a mirror up to how I am and pointed very clearly at the need for me to just live my life fully and really strive to be the best I can be, regardless.

Through all this of course I remembered why I like dating in the first place. It’s a nice way of meeting new people, searching for Mr Right etc. and exploring being gay in a relatively light way. It isn’t a way of validating myself any more than sex achieves Vorsprung Durch Manfleisch.

Anyway; must go now. Had a date last night and this morning he invited me out for dinner this evening. Stay tuned…

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Antony said...

Wow sounds good, you'll have to keep us all posted!

Antony x