Wednesday, 4 March 2009


So, then: how are the dates going?

After Friday I was feeling down about it all and thinking maybe this dating business should be put back in its box for a while. Saturday’s date was postponed due to illness (to next Tuesday) which didn’t help. But on Sunday my date went ahead.

We met in the Greenwich Bar and Grill; went for a walk in Greenwich Park and ended up in the Rose and Crown (a nice gay bar). We got on fine and he was fun enough for muches smooches, but no second date! That’s OK. I realised although I’m disappointed he didn’t ‘like’ me, the pertinent issue is whether I ‘like’ him and… no. So he and I left it there.

Monday was for Sam and I; we had dinner at mine, and we had a gooood time. But it has been a bit tough to sustain things and I’m not sure we’ll really keep going. Who knows… we shall see – there is, after all, no rush.

Tuesday: I had a date with a very nice guy who is very much my type. He insisted on paying for dinner (squid salad for me) which I thought was lovely, and we talked over drinks for far longer than I had planned. I will confess I was a little… spooked, I suppose, by the fact he’s only a few months younger than me but had been in a 10 year relationship; got married even! And therefore is at quite the other end of the spectrum from me. He had some useful insights about how both people in a developing relationship need to feel; and how ‘dating’ puts too much pressure on gay men to find Mr Right straight away, almost requiring them to find love at first sight. On my way home I [by text] asked him out again and he today said yes!! So a second date in the offing, hurrah!

Tonight is my quiet night in… and then more dates... double-plus hurrah indeed.

Thursday I have a date in Dulwich with a guy I started chatting to on gaydar and, frankly, just fancied getting to know over just having a causal meet with. Then, after hosting a small soiree for friends on Friday, I have yet another date with yet another guy on Saturday.

Saturday and Tuesday are both in their mid-20s. Mr Tuesday and I get on very well so far; we have been exchanging texts and phoning each other a lot over the last couple of weeks and I have to be honest, holding off having our date for a little while rather than meeting at the earliest possible opportunity has actually worked rather well.

Mr Saturday is someone I’ve been chatting to on and off on gaydar and later on MSN though we’d never quite managed to hook up. So last week he asked forwardly me out, explaining he likes – and you might well, gentle reader, imagine my feelings about this – older men. Good job he’s a bit gorgeous.

Further updates as events warrant…

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