Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Le Mike: C'est moi

I have two dates coming up. One on Saturday and one on Wednesday, The first is with a guy I got in touch with via Parship; and on Wednesday I will be back at Das Boot for drinks with a guy I met through gaydar.

I’m quite keen for these dates to actually lead to something – not in a Rule Two way I hasten to add, and of course assuming I like the guy(s) in question. It may come across a bit zen but I think I need to focus on what I want a bit in order to fulfil the wants of someone else.

To that end I’ve found two sites of interest. The first is; a gay dating website that, like parship, uses personality testing. The second is which is a little trove of good advice for gay dating and relationships and other things too.

However, as we’re talking about me; what do these personality-test results tell us?

TomDickandSally tells me that I’m optimistic, innovative and trusting. Meaning I am "able to see the light at the end of the tunnel; even though it may appear dim at times! Although not immune to life’s slings and arrows, you never relinquish hope.

“You feel at ease with the modern world; you are happy to embrace the here and now with open arms. You also can’t imagine life without trust even though you know that there is no trust without betrayal. You judge others by your own standards.”

Parship tells me:

“You are always prepared to help with the worries and concerns of your friends, family and colleagues. Because you are very sensitive, your involvement is always appreciated. You offer advice and practical support when the need arises. And of course this means that you are bound to make a good impression in the early days of a relationship. But you should be aware of a potential danger: your rating for your instinct character type is low. You prefer to withdraw from problems and arguments rather than confront them directly. Talking about yourself might have become an alien experience recently [what do you think, gentle reader?!].

"You possess the ability to get on well with people because of your gentle manner and your immediate understanding of people's emotional needs. However, do you do enough for yourself in return? You should set your sights on who allows you to admit to your own appetites from time to time. Without this emotional outlet, it is possible that your relationship might stagnate over time as frustration sets in.

“You like to experience constant stimulation and excitement in a relationship. You are also a very reliable and trustworthy companion. This combination of vivacity and common sense is highly attractive to other people. It shouldn't be too difficult for someone to work out what you want from a relationship and how far you are prepared to go in terms of commitment.

“You have the ability to make an impression on a wide range of different people. You might like to search for a partner who can thrive on your energy and dynamism, rather than feel overwhelmed by it.”

Well, come and get it… I actually have a couple of other guys chatting to me right now too, soo... well, practice makes perfect :-)

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Paul Mountain said...

well parship generated almost the same results for myself.... either their generator is bullshit, or we are a match made in heaven =) Wanna grab a coffee sometime?