Monday, 16 March 2009


Forgive my little rant just there; I didn’t really mean it. I just had to get it all off my chest in time for the anniversary.

This blog is a whole year old! What a year. It all started with Darren; I wasn’t expecting to be single ever again, and I wasn’t expecting this year to be the year it has but here I am…

Out and proud! I can’t really remember consciously deciding to come out to that large tranche of friends, family and colleagues that did not know. I started to come out to some closer friends because I was in love and wanted to tell them. But of course that didn’t work out. I was a bit blind, really. But I am proud of myself for doing what I think was a pretty brave thing for me and - instead of retreating back into my little closet – finally biting the bullet and telling everyone that I am gay.

Best thing I ever done did.

Overall my experiences have been great and while I will admit it isn’t very easy sometimes I wouldn’t really change a thing. As for fellas; there have been a few. Guys I’ve dated, assignations, brief relationships and so-on reach in total over the year of this blog well into three figures :-o

Yes, it seems Frumpella can’t get enough. But I am amazed how my sex drive has grown out of all proportion. And right now I am having the best sex ever!!

If 18 months ago someone had suggested that I would be asked out on dates by gorgeous guys; I’d have a serious of very, very good fuck-buddies; I’d still be going out looking for casual assignations; and I’d want a boyfriend… well, let’s just say I realise how lucky I am.

But enough about sex [back in its box it goes]. The thing I am most grateful for is my wonderful friends. I don’t think I could be a true friend while hiding something so fundamental so I’m glad I can finally be worthy of them.

What I do need to work on is my tendency to get totally infatuated with the particular guy I’m seeing. Cool… calm… collected. Frumpella might be none of these in the coming 12 months! In terms of relationships I am at square one. Much as I miss International still, and however unsure about Darren I remain…

Well, I do want that elusive Mr Right after all. I don’t care for this rubbish myth that I won’t find him by looking. I know I need to work only on being the best person I can be; if that isn’t good enough for no-one no-how then so be it. But why should I not actively seek the elements of life I haven’t really experienced yet? I just shouldn’t be too impatient I suppose. I’m still, really, learning the ropes.

Stay tuned gentle reader. The theme for 2009; cautious optimism and cock. This is THE year… in the meantime thank you for all your comments, queries and advice. Keep it coming, please. X

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Monty said...

Firstly, happy anniversary! It's been quite a year and I'm glad to have been a reader over that time. Don't give up on your search for Mr Right - a lot of people critisised me for actively looking and said that I should just let it happen...and look what happened - I was out there looking and McBrad was there! So you keep looking Mr! The right one IS out there for you!

HUGE fan of yours!!!

Monty! xxx