Monday, 21 September 2009


Ah that was the weekend that was, gentle reader. Fortunately it went off exactly – if not better than – planned. He loved all of his presents. He rather liked the pork with caramelised apples (such apples!) that I made as his birthday dinner *phew*. He is quite the gourmet, but now it seems kitchen duties will be more equally shared so I suppose in a sense that back-fired… and, thankfully, he’s over the moon about Paris.

I think that the best thing of all was the spread put on by his friends for his surprise party. It was themed as a third birthday party with pass the parcel and musical statues and lots of sweets and lemonade and jelly. With a little something thrown in…

Tremendous fun… though dragging Fella home on Sunday night in his drunken/affectionate state, with a stream of balloons emblazoned with the legend “birthday princess” was not my idea of a good time!

The most important things is of course that he loved his birthday. But, for the purposes of this blog, I am quite pleased about the weekend for a number of reasons.

Firstly, I sat down properly with Fella’s mother and got to know her a bit better over lunch on Saturday. Of Fella’s family she’s been the least accepting of his sexuality; but they are very close so it is good that she and I got on.

As well of this Fella’s friends do seem to like me, both in absolute terms and relative to his ex. A number of them are now my Facebook friends; the more the merrier… but it is important to him that they like me and they are very close. *Phew* again.

Finally, we had a bit of a heart to heart on Sunday night and it seems for all the ups and downs our relationship is on pretty solid ground. I’m a fool to worry sometimes, I really am, but I’m amazed by how I feel about him and the birthday weekend was just designed to show it in some way.

Because our social circles are beginning to integrate we have a lot of engagements ahead of us. Tomorrow and Wednesday we’re going out, first with my colleagues and then with his. We’ll be reciprocating the efforts of the hosts and organisers of Fella’s party by having them over here. And around the same time a dinner party with ‘A’ and ‘F’ and others. And a couple of work functions in the meantime. He’s even invited me to spend Christmas with him.

Lots to talk about :-)


Antony said...

All sounds good!


A x

MadeInScotland said...

v nice. I'm organising Xfe's surprises for his special birthday next weekend.

I took him to New York, where he had always wanted. It would have been Paris, but for us that doesn't really work-Xfe's office is there.

I'm taking him for a surprise dinner on Sat night, having his friends Sun...and stuff. I'll do my reportage after.

When are you off to Paris? I can recommend a great restaurant, that isn't for tourists-we told our neighbours-they loved it. I'm there weekend of 26 Oct.


Mike said...

We're going on 17 October, straight after a wedding, and coming back three nights later. Would apprecaite any restaurant tips v. much!!

Your plans for Xfe's birthday sound good; I look forward to reading about it in due course...