Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Birthday treats

I have a new phone! It’s a Nokia 5800 and it does everything I want. I still haven’t quite sorted out how voicemail works… or set it up on my PC (so no pics for now) but I am nevertheless pretty satisfied.

Fella was rather bored of my constant twiddling with the device at the weekend. He’s not a fan of technology generally so my cooing over my precious did not impress him overmuch. Fortunately that Friday we had a fabulous dinner at friend ‘F’s – so good I was distracted enough by marvellous food and company to socialise at least a little bit. Plus I gave him his own account on my PC and he finally has a drawer, so I reckon he did OK.

Also on the plus side I am getting £58 for recycling my old one and that will come in handy for Fella’s birthday weekend. Yes, he reaches the grand old age of 30 this Saturday and even in Strumpetville that counts as a proper grown up fairy so there will be celebrations indeed.

For all my inability to communicate Fella’s protestations that he does not want a fuss, or presents, or for anyone to do anything special are a thin façade and so the plan is as follows:

Friday – drinks with colleagues

Saturday: family brunch; then into London where Fella, his mum and I will spend the afternoon doing whatever Fella’s big ole’ heart desires. Then (sans-mere) in the evening he and I will have dinner.

Sunday I have organised his friends to have a surprise party for him in Greenwich (I woe his friends big time for getting together at such short notice).

And at some point, presumably Saturday night, he will get his presents I bought him:

A Futurama DVD (it’s a joke present because we were, shall we say, distracted from these particular episodes one weekend recently)
A polari dictionary
A ‘Round the Horne’ compilation CD
A very nice bottle of very nice
Some chocolate (of course!)
An exquisite presentation box, inside which he will find:
Tickets to Paris.

Yes, the oft mentioned trip has been booked! It’s from 17 to 20 October, train, hotel, all my treat. Well, mostly my bank manager’s treat but he’s not to know. Would you swoon, gentle reader, over this cornucopia of gayer gifts? Would you?? I surely hope so. My worries about things recently are in part due to a fear I’ve gone a bit overboard. But why not, eh? I may be new to this relationship business but I didn’t arrive in a turnip truck; I’m determined to give him a really great birthday!

I was somewhat reassured when reminded of my Dante, and indeed came up with a brand new rule: if you can see the road ahead it probably isn’t worth the trip

*If anyone has any fairy-friendly hotel tips please drop me a line x


Antony said...

I'm into my techno gadgets too!!

Wow own account on the PC and a draw, you both must be really close and connected. Next you have a tooth brush at each others place.

I think you don't give yourself enough credit when it comes to communication.

Gay boi's are like women! They usually say one thing and mean something completely different. Like your fella's saying he doesn't want too much of fuss which really means he wants loads of fussing. You seem to have sensed this hense the planned celebrationary weekend. Some guys would of just thought...oh ok and done nothing.

Your presents are perfect, trust me!

Futurama - a funny present (humour and laughter create strong bonds in relationships me thinks)

polari dictionary - a gay gift (every couple should buy their partners gay gifts to tell them you recognise, accept and love his sexuality)

Rounde the horne CD - Never heard the music. But if it's a band/artists he likes your saying, I'm interested in what you like, listen and take on board what you say.

champers - Well everyone needs that on a big birthday, symbolises celebration.

Chocolates - oh I'd love you forever if you bought me chocolates, being a chocoholic. Although my blood sugar would like them, I certainly would. lol

Tickets to Paris - Saying you want to be romantic and intimate with him.

I think your gifts are perfect (have I already said that lol?). You've not gone other board, ha ha you can never go overboard with gifts ha ha. So here's 30, how old are you btw?

Your friend gives good advice.

Loving the Poker Face remix.

With love and hugs,

Antony x

etre-moral-etre-sincere said...

He's a lucky guy - great presents! :)

MadeInScotland said...

It's mon C's birthday the day he gets back from China. He won't want a fuss-especially after 6 weeks travelling in China.

So he and I will have a quiet dinner somewhere special (he will see his best friends in Paris in the morning).

I think that I might get La Duree to make him a macaroon cake. His fav.

He already got his present (NY,NY), but there might be a little other special foe when he is hime.


Miguel said...

Paris, with the man you love - Who could want for a better present!! Full marks to you Mike. If you haven't been before, Paris is very liberal about the boyz who like boyz. Try to stay in or close to the marais(latin quarter) and you'll be close to where all the boyz love to eat and play and walking distance to most sights. Have a fab time together. (Can't wait to see what you have planned for Christmas!!)

Mike said...

Thanks all! I think I did well too. Hope he likes them... you'll read about it here Sunday or Monday I suppose :-)