Saturday, 2 May 2009

New Testament

It has been a strange start to the holiday weekend, gentle reader. The Sun is shining on Strumpetville and its golden rays carry a cargo of whimsy and caprice leaving not even Frumpella untouched.

My date on Thursday was shifted to Friday under circumstances I’m not really convinced by – but on Friday itself I really felt I looked somewhat rough, so I asked my date to postpone till next week. Fair enough, he replied, though he has now apparently disappeared [if that’s possible]; so I wonder if I’ve burned my bridges.

However, not feeling entirely… fulfilled I entertained a guy for an assignation and we turned out to get on very well indeed. Tentatively we are going to go out at some point in the near future to get to know one another in a rather different way.

Funny how things turn out. More la-la than ha-ha but it's progress of a sort.

But strangest of all, I received a text message today – a message that stopped me in the street and caused me to loudly declaim terms not suited to sensitive ears:

“Hey Mike, I hope you are well and enjoying your bank holiday weekend. I’d really like to meet you still, though would totally understand if you didn’t want to after all the mucking around that I’ve done. I’m free and single and, well, you’re still in my thoughts. Hope to hear from you! [] x”

You might recall at the end of March a date was cancelled at the last minute by a guy who had been somewhat evasive with me but finally admitted he had begun seeing someone, so we couldn’t really ‘date’ as such. Well, the message was from him!!

Do you see why I declaimed what I did? Do you??

Well, I’m no fan of drama but I have pondered my reply for some time and still not resolved what to write. At the end of March I got some good advice in the form of comments on the post, generally on the lines of “better off without…”. So in theory, at best, I should reply “yeah, thanks – but no thanks”.

But obviously I’m not inclined to do that. Always thinking of what might be, that’s the Cheerful Fairy; never wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings. Hmmm. It even occurs to me that if I were to reply in the positive, he would subconsciously lose respect for me for being such a push-over.

Double plus hmm. More pondering awaits. I suspect I’ll end up meeting him, as a friend, in due course. It’s a nice message but I don’t really need to follow the tried and tested path of the bijou boyfriendette yet again. What will be will be.


MadeInScotland said...

You never know when anything is going to come back and, erm, bite you in the bum. Still, the nicest things often come as a surprise, so go grasp it!


Mike said...

Hehe. Well, one wouldn't want to throw away an opportunity needlessly. But I think it will have to be done on my terms! So there!! :-p

Anonymous said...

Who wants to be the consolation prize? Lose his number... I implore you. A x

Mike said...

Ah, we chatted about this after your comment... we'll meet, perhaps; and on my terms - and he shall count hinself lucky!