Wednesday, 27 May 2009

All change please

It’s time for the Cheerful Fairy to take a step toward becoming a full grown fairy moomin

Though I have no doubt convinced you, gentle reader, of my eternal youth in the sunshine of Strumpetville I do fear my claims to such might fail to convince, say, any provider of your house-buying-type mortgage thingy (those years studying financial services all paying off, you can see). Thus there is a need to bolster my arguments through reducing my outgoings and start putting a bit more by.

I have mentioned before my regular, and indeed most welcome, gentleman caller The Gardener. Well, he has rooms in his house for rent and when he asked me if I knew anyone who could be interested my thoughts turned to my administrator C, who in a short space of time has become a good friend. I asked her if she’d like to have a look with me – C, The Gardener and I all living quite close: C wasn’t really interested, but a plan – cunning as the proverbial – formed…

Well, we had a look round tonight and one of the rooms was an en-suite with it’s own phone line and TV port. OK, so it sounds like a hotel room – but it is in a lovely Victorian house with huge rooms in a gorgeous tree lined street. On top of a steep hill that promises to give me buns of steel within a month :-)

It’s very near to where I am now, and would save me a staggering £X00 per month – enough to pay for my oft-mooted trip to China in a single month. Buy that new computer I’ve been hankering after the next… and possibly the month after blow it all on hats.

And save. Oh yes, save.

So I decided to take the room. If it all goes to plan I shall be moving this weekend – The Gardener requiring no deposit. Double plus hurrah with sprinkles on top!

Of course there is the somewhat delicate issue of the *ahem* ground rules to consider; but we shall have to approach these things as men do and totally ignore them until things reach breaking point. Or discuss them like proper grown-up fairies. Or something. But after living on my own for quite a few years it’s a bit daunting!

This is all the more pertinent because Fella and I are going out for what may be considered a third date on Wednesday (or indeed might not) - this time to the cinema.

On the face of it this is good news but it’s very, very difficult to read him. Whilst we remain in almost constant contact I don’t get much of an interested vibe from him. Well, I’ve decided I absolutely will not tackle him on it and rather see what occurs on Wednesday. If I still don’t think he’s interested then… well I suppose I’ve made me a new friend at least!

And anyway, I have taken a step to remaining the Cheerful Fairy you all know and love by arranging a date this Friday with yet another guy…


Monty said...

Oh, I do think those ground rules will be needed! OR, you just have a very handy landlord...the proverbial sex-on-tap, or available third when the fancy takes you! :-)

Anonymous said...

That is a big change to go back to a shared house enviro after going solo for awhile. He sounds like a good bloke and hopefully you'll get on really well and enjoy it there. It is crazy how much you will be saving.

Have fun on the date !!

Mike said...

I'm facing some stark choices about what to keep and what to get rid of... and those ground rules will need working on!! but actually it doesn't feel like one step back to take two steps forward... I'm quite excited. Pastures new and all that. :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you may need another rule: no shagging at home unless the landlord is in another country!

MadeInScotland said...

Let me start by encouraging you to spend. Fancy a drink sometime soon?


Mike said...

It seems the landlord is OK with me having people over, judging by things he's said... further updates as events warrent :-)