Thursday, 21 May 2009

The turtle moves

OK gentle reader. So Fella is a bit irritating!

I have a number of virtues; unlovable, every one. And patience is not yet among them. The issue at hand is that while he and I are in constant touch - emails and texts and phone calls back and forth - there is a trend I have noticed.

I’m not student of the treat ‘em mean and keep ‘em keen philosophy; but the thing with Fella is the nicer I am to him, the ‘worse’ he responds, and vice versa. For example, if I pay him a compliment or say I enjoy his company he changes the subject or ignores me. On the other hand if I leave him be for even a few hours he’s all over me.

He’s cancelled the Girls Aloud concert, but was at pains to emphasise he wasn’t trying to stop seeing me – it was because he made a mistake with tickets and in fact he wants to take me out to do something “amazing and lovely” to make up for it. Fair enough; but when I was totally understanding about it the tune changed and…

I have discovered Fella was seeing someone, and they had broken up quite recently. No earlier than March, in fact. Having been Rebound Boy before, it rings a little alarm bell. I suspect that might be behind these attempts to keep close yet distant. But then, how could I tell? He should be asking out someone with more relationship experience. I’m absolutely the last gayer to be involved in that kind of game!

Last night he and I went out to meet some of his friends. A lecture at the Hunterian Museum; dinner; drinks. I wowed them with my wit and charm [LOL], as Fella cheerfully acknowledges. And he’s clearly told them all about me, which is great; I think they are keen to see him paired off with someone. So a plus in that column then…

It is A’s birthday on Monday so I want to at least go for the evening drinks and celebrate; I have invited Fella as my double plus-one. Who knows? It might be great. It might not happen at all.

I’m minded not to let things progress. End them now, and that will be that. Confusion and discord…

Ah, ‘tis early days: at the very least I’m going to leave him be and he can chase me for a while. This would deal nicely with my angst, lack of experience in this area, and mild annoyance; if I try to push him I’ll only make a mistake. And in the meantime, I can get on with things and enjoy myself. And perhaps learn a thing or two.

Not just the actions that matter; it’s also the person. And with the right person, well, all can be forgiven…

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MadeInScotland said...

You've met now and it's gone from virtual to reality. You will have got a sense of the real Fella, not just e-Fella.

Parking that for the moment, if you smell a rat and it looks like a rat then it probably is a rat.

What does your instinct tell you?

that said, happy thoughts and stay positive.