Sunday, 31 May 2009

Moving on

So today was the day of the move. The Gardener very kindly helped me shift a lot of my things in his work vehicle. Now the room I’m in is very, very crowded but I think I’ve managed to accommodate most of what I wanted to get in there. The few remaining big pieces of furniture (sofa, tall shelving units) I’ll hire a van for and they can go in the living room for us to share. Of course, picking the hottest day of the year to exert myself so was perhaps not the wisest move – but needs must and if I haven’t lost weight with all this then I’m a – porky – Dutchman [British idiom].

I had a brief date on Friday but this didn’t really go anywhere. It was over quite quickly, and he sent me an email after thanking me for my ‘time’… he’s not for me, nor I for him. C’est la vie, gentle reader. No harm done.

After the date I went out on the town with colleagues which got messily drunk. I recall leading the night-bus home in song. There were jazz hands. So I was not happy on Saturday packing up! Have you tried shifting furniture whilst suffering Ebola? It wasn’t pretty.

Today while out shopping I bumped into one of two guys I hooked up with last Tuesday. This particular guy was also out shopping: with his boyfriend. I must admit, after I said hello and realised they are together, I felt a bit of irritation that once again I’ve hooked up with a guy who is with a guy. I mean, I’m fine with open relationships. And I decided long ago that it is not for me to manage others’ lives; how they commit and deal with infidelity is up to them. But still! I don't know this guy hadn't told his boyfriend about me, but he was awfully keen to leave...

I strayed from that path with International; perhaps the exception proving the rule. Yet, it does annoy me a bit these days. It used to be that the attention flattered me but now, not so much! I would rather meet single guys; I got some moves [he he] and it all helps in the search for Mr Right, I fancy. In the meantime if guys are in a relationship and they want to have some fun together then I’m game. At least that’s done in a way that doesn’t have the same potential to harm. Oh, yes, Frumpella has standards. Or at least would prefer to be in a relationship over merely sleeping with people who are.

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