Monday, 1 June 2009

Silent running

For the time being I could be off the blog-piste, gentle reader. I can’t write blog posts at work and the transfer of my internet service to the new place may take some time. So, in a cliffhangeresque summary of current themes; “previously in Strumpetville” if you will – Here’s where it’s at!

Work: I think the cartoon below summarises the two main issues at my workplace. I’m busy, the aporkalypse marches on (September won’t be pretty, They tell me) and my transfer onto new projects continues apace. Today a colleague asked me about glamping – glamorous camping – purely on the basis of Frumpella being a gayer; I coldly informed them that we abhor the cliché. I will have to write a blog post some time about attitudes to homosexuality where I work. It’s a mixed, overall unproblematic bag. But sometimes things happen.

Sex. If you’ll pardon the pun, not a sausage for nearly a week. A week!! That’s so unlike me. Of course, I’ve been busy – distracted by moves and work and other things. But this brings us on to:

Dating: Not much happening there either – though that’s my fault. The only thing is Fella. He and I are going to the cinema on Wednesday, and as ever he remains a closed book to me. We’re going to see Star Trek, because I want to; which is sweet. At the weekend he kept calling me sweetheart which… is nice. But is it Nice? And after the film he’s invited himself over to my new place; but he doesn’t live in London so work, plus film, plus tour of new digs = breakfast I reckon. But what happens at ‘=’? Fella is a mystery man but for now I am content to be swept along by this current to see what harbour comes into view. I shall take nothing for granted.

The last big push of the move will be completed b the end of the week. I was in the new place tonight and I must admit I feel it is very cosy. We like! But it will be some time before all my services are up and running so there acould be a gap between posts. Of course I’ll do it ASAP – might borrow a friend’s computer, might break the rules at work… and to that end I need to think about how a guy with a face for radio and a voice for mime can start doing the occasional video post. Well, there’s always jazz hands :-)

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Anonymous said...

You could always do mobile blog posts. I don't know how it works, but I know it's possible! Perhaps a picture diary?