Tuesday, 23 June 2009


“The problem with this relationship is you don’t share my interest in not being with you” Homer Simpson to Marge.

Fortunately for me this make or break weekend resulted for Fella and I as a make! You can well imagine, gentle reader, my relief.

Perhaps that makes Frumpella seem like the scheming fairy… but I just decided that in this case it was worth the effort to try and fix things before I broke them. So knowing how much rested on this weekend I did go on a bit of a charm offensive to try and show I am witty and gay and all manner of delightful… but also to give him his space. A delicate balancing act, but when we met things seemed pretty good so I suppose it worked!

Anyway, after a pleasant drink, just the two of us, in town we went on to Dulwich for a friend’s party . I’ll admit that Fella earned himself some serious brownie points because everyone there knew me as his boyfriend which, you can understand, pleased me enormously. All in all it was a good night and I had a great time. And about 10pm while chatting to some people, him being some distance away, I looked at him across the room and had this… feeling. I can’t describe it but it was very… pleasant. I look forward to feeling it again.

Now, the thing about Fella and I (like most relationships at this early stage) is that a night together rarely involves enough sleep. So I suppose it was a bit risky (or conversely absolutely the perfect time) for us to Talk about Us on Sunday morning… but finally, in the right way, we did Talk. Not much was said, though it was all good: he doesn’t like me pushing how he feels so in return for not doing that he promised tat if something is ever wrong he will tell me. A good compromise!

So after everything we passed this little local nadir and all is well in Strumpetville. It seems for the first time in a long time I gots me a proper boyfriend. I don’t know how long it will last. I really don’t have any idea about ‘forever’. But I love the way he holds me so tight when we are asleep together; I’ve never been so stimulated physically by anyone before; and when he said on Sunday that I had the perfect amount of chest hair I melted a little inside (he likes to use my chest as a pillow and I most certainly do not complain).

No, I haven’t jumped off the cliff before now: so… here goes!!


MadeInScotland said...

oh, so nice to hear!!! long may it continue.
see you after TA.

Monty said...


Anonymous said...

Very hapy for you mikeymike:P
Let your hearts guide you - it is the best the both of you can do.

That is so cute re the chest hair and the pillow. Early love days are so much fun!!! Enjoy.

GaySocrates said...


Mike said...

Thank you all! I do hope it continues on and on... as always, stay tuned!! :-)

Antony said...

"But I love the way he holds me so tight when we are asleep together"

Yes, I do miss this.

"It seems for the first time in a long time I gots me a proper boyfriend."

Go you! I'm soo pleased for you.


Antony x