Thursday, 25 June 2009


Now that Fella and I are an item it does seem that eye candy is just everywhere. Are all the beautiful men solar powered? I’ve been quite put to shame by all the hotties on display.

Unfortunately this has led to Fella accusing me of having a roving eye; and that got me to thinking. Am I less or more likely to appreciate the male form now I’m comfortably in a relationship? As you well know, gentle reader, I have not since Darren been faithful/monogamous/able to keep my trousers on while seeing any of the guys between then and now. But with Fella it is different.

Of course, because fate likes a laugh as much as anyone, this means past dates and assignations past are cropping up all over the place. Remember the guy who did yoga? He got back in touch recently. The Portuguese guy with whom I had the best sex in the history of everything ever? He wants to go our for a drink at some point. Even a guy I had just-one-date with a while back started sniffing around. Plus of course I’m living with the Gardener and one of his ‘friends’ of our mutual acquaintance wants to move in. As Fella spends a couple of nights a week at mine now that seems a dreadful prospect to me (he doesn’t know you see…).

All quite tempting and of course at this stage of our relationship I am a horny little bugger. Fella stayed over last night unannounced so once again I find myself massively sleep deprived but raring to go at the same time. Nevertheless I intend to reserve myself for him only.

When it comes to temptation I think International is a good cautionary tale, don’t you agree? We’re still in touch and the other day he fairly strongly intimated he has himself a new Frumpella. That brought back a lot of guilty feelings about Ouch; and I would hate to play either role with Fella… even the thought of it makes me strangely sad.

I should add, just for clarity, all of these people have names of course – but I have found that using a guy’s name here on this blog almost invariably becomes the kiss of death for our relationship. It may be simple superstition, or something subconscious about the time it feels right to reveal said guy’s secret identity. But Fella will stay Fella, OK?


Antony said...

"Unfortunately this has led to Fella accusing me of having a roving eye"

David and I used to have this discussion. It was usually me looking. I would try to explain that in the town I live in there aren't many good looking men, whereas in the city there is.

He didn't get it. Occassionally though, we did look at other men together.

My advice: try to avoid doing it. And if he does it - ignore it unless his tounge is hanging out and his chin on the floor. The polightly make a joke out of it. That's what I'd do anyway.

As for temptation - yeah when your taken you seem to get more attention. It's how you handle it.


Antony x

Monty said...

It always happens - as soon as McBrad and I got together, all the shags of Christmas past started popping up! But a quick shag with some eye candy is never quite as satisfying as being with Mr Right! Enjoy your Fella as much as possible and who cares about sleep deprivation! You're only young once! :-)

Anonymous said...

Temptation comes in all shapes and sizes and is strongly correlated to the rules and boundaries of any particular relationship.

Early on, even sideways glances at other men were taboo. These days we're a bit more, erm, liberal. It's a comfort and trust thing.

Mike said...

He has a roving eye too it seems! But in truth I've explained i'm always comparing myself to other guys rather than lusting after them. Honest, guv.

We talked about having fun with others. He's very keen to be monomagous and in any event we've agreed it's fun to be the guest star but neither is comfortable [currently] with being the hosts!

MadeInScotland said...

That's the fine weather for you. Brings out the hot guys in cool clothes.

Though we're only 4C apart I think I prefer here with the AC, the pool and the beach!