Friday, 12 June 2009


It’s been a few days, gentle reader, and I just know you’ve been on tenterhooks to find out more!! So where were we?

If you want to picture Fella and I, think of me as Chris Pine and Fella as Zachary Quinto… of course, Pine is far better looking than I – and Quinto holds nary a candle to my Fella’s loveliness. But you get the idea ;-)

Post the Star Trek Date Three, Date Four was dinner at my place. I was lucky to get any cooking done at all as things got a bit en flambé between us… but I managed to calm us down enough to do a lovely bit of pork in a wine and mushroom sauce that, gourmand though he is, Fella quite liked.

Tonight we’re at Date Five – going to see Drag Me to Hell. Fella’s spending the night at mine so that we can go straight on to Date Six; a party he’s been invited to...

You know what? I’m going to draw a line, stop saying we’re dating and just that we’re seeing each other. Though I’m still trying to keep it real (not quite a month since Date One after all) I will admit to a hint of the smittenesque about me. I have begun to feel a lot for him in a short space of time and, well, I’m amazed that he’s tolerated Yours Truly for this long.

I am trying to organise events to celebrate the period from 15 (one month since we met) to 24 June (two months since his first message) and introduce him to my friends. A first for me; but I’m meeting so many of his... Nothing particularly romantic – the London Acquarium; a Jack the Ripper Tour; the Baroque exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum – but as he’s already invited me to another party on 20 June I think that’s enough for those 10 days.

Of course with my communication style I may yet ruin it all. I really wish I knew how to say, in a good way:

- I’m not making a declaration of undying love;
- I do like you a lot;
- I enjoy spending time with you;
- that enjoyment includes, but is in no way limited to, rogering you silly;
- I really want to keep seeing you;
- I am a terribly flawed human being in far too many ways to mention now but;
- I promise I’ll get better at talking dirty;
- if you dump me I’ll burn your house down.

Ho hum. Give it time; perhaps the words will come.

Fortunately Fella is much more emotionally mature than I am and that gives me the space to make sure I like him and not just the idea of him liking me! A friend of mine has suggested that I am in love because I haven’t slept with anyone else for weeks. But the truth is I genuinely don’t want to. I’ve tactfully declined the other guys that were asking me for a date. I’ve even stopped flirting with the office eye-candy. I’ve never been monogamous with anyone since Darren but somehow it feels entirely natural with Fella. It helps that no-one has ever turned me on the way that he does.

So, in short, all continues fine in Strumpetville and for the future Frumpella keeps fingers (and toes) crossed!


Antony said...

Wow, I'm so happy for you darling!!

Your photo doesnt show up - update it so I can have a look lol.

Just work on the communication ha ha you could just tell him your bullet points!



Anonymous said...

yay !! glad to hear Fella and you are ticking along nicely.

Monty said...

I've got everything crossed for you...but I don't reckon you need any luck...Mr, I have a VERY GOOD FEELING about this one! Wahooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!