Sunday, 1 February 2009


Went out last night with my good friend and had cocktails and wine and dinner and wine and I ended up staying at her place. It was a great night marred only by the fact my trousers fell down as I got out of the taxi (few of my clothes fit well now I’ve lost so much weight) but frankly if I worried about looking like a fool I’d never have made it out of the 70s.

After getting home today I [predicatably?] jumped online for man flesh. This proved much harder to procure than I expected and I was about to give up in a huff when I spied, with my horny eye, a cute horny guy but a hop, skip, and jump from Strumpetville.

Yes, I very much enjoyed meeting this guy; and we both agreed it would be double-plus fun to meet up again. In truth he was a bit more… bitey that I’m used to, but he did warn me he was likely to be a bit rough and to be honest I’m not totally averse... Unfortunately I’ve been bitten hard on the neck and cheek which I fear is liable to cause comment amongst my colleagues on Monday.

On Friday I also hooked up with a nice Scottish guy in his mid forties and that too was fun.

But it is Thursday that should be the real topic of this post because…

I had a date. Yes, gentle reader: a proper date. My first date of 2009. It was a guy I started chatting to on gaydar but we got on so well we decided that rather than a mere assignation we should meet and get to know one another. And so we did. To summarise: 30, tall, slim, good looking, works in fashion. When I discovered this I did get a bit of angst as I’m most certainly not a dedicated follower of fashion but, no. He was great.

The upcoming London fashion week is consuming his time for a while now but we said we should meet again when that’s out of the way… so here’s hoping.

I suppose I should try to get out on the dating scene a bit more but in terms of both time and money I can’t commit too many resources to it. I’m stacking up since the New Year quite a few messages from guys on Guardian Soulmates; of which I’m no longer a paying member, which means I can’t reply just yet.

I did wonder whether, so soon after International and I split, I should go on a date. But then if I was expecting us to be together why set up the date in the first place? Oh, this damned dissonance. But I’m pleased to have done it and do think it’s time to look at the options again. After all I don’t really dislike dating like some people do… and most people I know who met someone online had to go on hundreds!

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