Friday, 20 February 2009


It didn’t work out… you need to not exist.

That’s usually been the way with me and my ephemeral boyfriendettes. But with International I was hoping it would be different. Perhaps it still can be, but he’s annoyed me such a lot today.

We were friends on Facebook, but he’s decided not to do that anymore. And that’s fine. Well, it isn't actually. But what really riled me was his explanation to me that it was in case he found happiness and that, through the medium of status updates and similar, touched a nerve with me as I’d still be, at this unspecified time “raw” after the break-up.

How dare he?!

Thoughts of Rule 7 rose unbidden in my mind and in my terse reply I set out my disappointment at his presumptuous projection of his feelings onto me.

How the very dare he?!

There. Rant Over.

And none of this “two sides to every story” business, I beg you, gentle reader. The distinction between his side and mine is that I’m right and he’s wrong ;-)

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