Sunday, 15 February 2009

Jekyll and Hyde

I have decided that this blog was drifting too much recently what with my seeming inability to get a relationship started - so far - and my tendency to jump online for man fun instead.

When I started this blog I chose the URL because, blind fool that I was, I wanted to talk about how full my heart was with love for Darren. Of course then I did not realise he was going to progress from bruising my ribs to breaking my heart [LMFAO]; nevertheless, every-detail was still meant to refer to what's going on upstairs not down.

I'm reveling in a huge amount of sex, and have been for some time now. And whilst I think it cheap and puerile to go into detail about this assignation or that guy I clearly have a need to talk about it, maybe brag a little...

So the thing I've done is this:

I now have two blogs. This, Number One Blog if you will, shall continue much as it ever has; but I will not talk about sex or assignations except where, in context, it is necessary. This is the blog of Dr Jekyll.

The other blog, whose URL I do not propose to share - nor do I intend to mention it here again - will be a totally open, explicit, adult, full and frank discussion of my sexual habits, experiences, tastes and desires. The blog of horny old Mr Hyde.

Fear not, gentle reader, I remain Frumpella and this is ever yet Strumpetville. But I have to acknowledge the two sides of my nature and that you have better things to do than read about my smutty escapades.

And, no, I’m not going back to hiding my sex life or sexuality. It is the nature of the blog, not the blogger, that must change.

Of course there remains much to blog about, not least my remarkable foray back into the dating world. Alongside the three guys that have asked me out I am chatting to another on Parship and about my business today I saw a guy’s profile that really struck me; and I was inspired, after my recent experience, not to seek him out for an assignation but to ask him out on a date.

To which he said yes!

So then; let us think of the creation of my new blog and a re-assertion of the object of this one as an attempt not to make the same mistakes again but to seek out and explore strange new ones!


czechOUT said...

For your good blog, I was hoping to persuade you (and a few others) to read this book and blog your thoughts on it:

Made in Scotland: A Thin Fillet Of Braised Voddissin

Kind of like a blog version of Richard & Judy. It would be interesting to read various bloggers thoughts posted across their blogs.

You can get it from Amazon.


Antony said...

Sounds interesting. I think every blog develops and changes as time goes by.

And I for one will be closely watching, looking forward to your next blog post.


Antony x

Mike said...

Absolutely! Who knows, I may change my mind back! But thanks for reading!!

Mike said...

I will definitely read the book Czechout!